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Nutrition Diet, supplements, weightloss, health & longevity

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Old 05-30-2007, 03:32 AM   #1
Mark Cotton
Member Mark Cotton is offline
Join Date: May 2007
Location: East Brunswick  NJ
Posts: 48
Hi Everyone

My first post. This is a great discussion forum and a welcome change from the bodybuilding forums where I participate.

Over the last several months I have lost 60 pounds. My great experiment taught me one thing I share with my clients---you don't realize how fat you are until you start dieting! I have alot of lean mass, but I am still fat. I told myself as I started to diet---hey, the 20 pounds will make me look better. Well, 20 turned into 60 and I bet, realistically, I have another 20---at least 20 to go. I seem to have hit a plateau. I was looking for suggestions from a nutritional standpoint. I re-adjusted my training to jump start my metabolism.

Any questions you would like to ask me to help with your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 05-30-2007, 05:00 AM   #2
Sarena Kopciel
Member Sarena Kopciel is offline
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Monsey  NY
Posts: 2,042
Mark--first congrats on a huge weight loss thus far. What I find works best for me is writing everything I eat and drink meticulously for 2 weeks and then review. I weigh and measure etc. Additionally, I found that sufficient sound sleep crucial in weight loss as well.
Just my two cents.

Good luck.
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Old 05-30-2007, 12:35 PM   #3
Mark Cotton
Member Mark Cotton is offline
Join Date: May 2007
Location: East Brunswick  NJ
Posts: 48
Thanks. I appreciate the kind words. I'm weighing and measuring now. I think my problem has to do with how much of the macro nutrients I should be consuming.

I'm not really sure why I'm stuck.
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Old 05-30-2007, 01:45 PM   #4
Greg Battaglia
Member Greg Battaglia is offline
Join Date: Nov 2005
Location: Springfield  PA
Posts: 468
Mark, what do your macro's look like now? As a basic template:

1.cut all carbs out except green and fibrous low GI vegetables, and eat LOTS of them.

2. eat leans sources of protein like lean beef, chicken breast, turkey breast and fatty fish like salmon. Take fish oil as well.

3. get healthy fats from nuts, seeds, olive oil, coconut oil, and fats from clean grassfed animals.

4. Hit the WOD hard

5. take cold showers

6. drink coffee or green tea, but in moderation of course.

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Old 05-30-2007, 07:17 PM   #5
John Richmond
Member John Richmond is offline
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Fayetteville  NY
Posts: 15
Thats Great 60lbs is a lot of hard work.
I would agree with Greg on the nutritional metabolic side of losing more weight.
also up your amount of cardio-running, rowing or cycling whatever and the weight will come off.
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Old 05-30-2007, 08:21 PM   #6
Josh Reynolds
Member Josh Reynolds is offline
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Wilmore  KY
Posts: 37

Why take cold showers? Is there a significant benefit?
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Old 05-30-2007, 09:20 PM   #7
Kevin McKay
Member Kevin McKay is offline
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: albany   ca
Posts: 1,110
Yeah pretty much what Greg said.

I do "meat, leaves, berries" when I want to drop FAST
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Old 05-31-2007, 09:30 AM   #8
Mark Cotton
Member Mark Cotton is offline
Join Date: May 2007
Location: East Brunswick  NJ
Posts: 48
Thanks for the info. The cold shower thing has thrown me and totally and freaked out my girlfriend (HA!).

Right now I'm taking in 1 gram of protein per pound of lean bodyweight (175),1/2 gram of LGC's and alot of mixed veggies with an occaisional fat free yougart or fat free milk, but only at post training to help restore muscle glycogen. I take a boat-load of fish oils daily.

Additionally, my protein sources come from chicken breast, salmon and turkey.

Maybe I need to switch things up a bit diet wise?

Cardio is touchy. I can't do traditional cardio because of joint issues so I do very high intesity training for strength circuit style. It encompasses weights, bodyweight, multiple movements and plyometrics.

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Old 06-03-2007, 06:35 AM   #9
Dana Joseph Stewart
Member Dana Joseph Stewart is offline
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: Dallas  Texas
Posts: 122

Hey, if you are looking for something to help your joint pain, try a supplement called Triflex. It is a GNC product. You don't have to buy this particular brand, but it's what I use. If you opt to buy a different brand (as GNC tends to be a little over-priced), make sure the product has these three ingredients:

1) Glucosamine (1500 mg)
2) Chondroitin Sulfate (1200 mg)
3) MSM (900 mg)

These are the doses that are in Triflex. It's these 3 ingredients which work in conjunction with one another to rebuild cartilage and lubricate joints.

I have had 9 shoulder dislocations, 2 shoulder surgeries, broken jaw, and countless other sports injuries (too much ice hockey/rugby). I started taking Triflex because my left knee was killing me when I would run. After two months on it, I can do WODs with running without any problems. I am seven months out from my last shoulder surgery and Triflex has really helped that too. Try it out, it just may allow you to do some cardio. Best of luck!
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Old 06-07-2007, 02:16 PM   #10
Gant Grimes
Departed Gant Grimes is offline
Join Date: Jan 1970
Posts: 1,549
You've lost 60 pounds, and you're looking for a jump-start?

Unless you've started gaining, keep doing what you're doing. If you lose 1.5 pounds a month, you'll have your 20 off in a year. Don't get too extreme.

(Message edited by gant on June 07, 2007)
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