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Nutrition Diet, supplements, weightloss, health & longevity

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Old 02-02-2006, 10:08 AM   #1
David G Fournier
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I have try the immunocal, from the last 7 months, did somebody try it? I'm really exited. For myself I gain a pure 7lbs since 6 months and much more energy. I train in my way, but my roots are a little bit the same as Bruce lee,that's one of the many reasons my nickname is Warm_marble! I feel very energyze, rejuvinate and stronger. I've start Aikido 3 months ago and see myself in competition next year already. I'm like a a big bang. Seriously competition it's only a way to learn very fast and make new friends,(in my opinion). So everyday I have fun training and learning. But that immunocal thing gave me the extra edge for much more fun, because I'm less tired than before.
I really like the web site, I have more ideas to train harder, :-)

• Athletes Use Muscles!
• Muscles Need Oxygen!
• Use of Oxygen Creates “Free Radicals”!
• Free Radicals are Toxins (Poisons)!
• Toxins and Free Radicals Have to be Eliminated!
• Glutathione Eliminates Free Radicals and Toxins!
• Immunocal is Proven to Optimize Glutathione in the
Cells and Increase Muscle Performance!
• Using Immunocal daily gives you, the Athlete, a
Natural Competitive Edge!

To replicate in sufficient numbers the T-cells need
GLUTATHIONE (GSH). The body manufactures
Glutathione to feed the immune system. When
working out, training or competing athletically the
immune system is often overwhelmed. It cannot get
rid of free radicals fast enough to prevent fatigue,
muscle pains, soreness, muscle damage, stress, etc.

Immunocal® helps to optimize the Glutathione
level in all your cells. It enables – if Glutathione is
available in sufficient quantities – your T-cells to
fight off infections before you even notice them. It
eliminates free radicals before they become a
problem. It optimizes your immune system and the
antioxidant defense mechanism of your body.

In recent performance tests with Immunocal®,
athletes reported an increase of 13%. If you are not
an athlete you will say, “13%?
So what? Big Deal!”
But if you consider, for example, that the difference
in a 100-yard dash between 1st and 6th place is 1 to
2%, you may just start to think.

The expression I used when I heard of this was
“Wow!” And you may be similarly impressed.
This product is easy to take.
One pouch of this undenatured and highly bioactive
whey protein powder (10 grams) is sufficient for normal
maintenance of your immune system. The use of two
or three pouches may be needed when strenuous
exercise is required. You do not want to succumb to
and infection of a fever on the eve of an important
competition or an Olympic event.

There is much more information available if you,
your coach, or your trainer are interested.
He's a great guy.
you can read too the section My Story

see you in around
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