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Old 07-15-2011, 03:33 PM   #21
Christina Daley
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Re: Severely obese kids and foster care...

Originally Posted by Jason R O'Dell View Post
What's wrong with having nice things? I like having them. I know plenty of kids that like having them. I don't see why that's not something worthy to want or to provide for your family.
I guess my son and I could sell my house and move to some military barracks with spartan accomodations. Then we'll just spend all day working out and eating paleo. No obese problem then and I'll be the frickin' father of the year here!

And you said the answer may be getting rid of dual income households. Which I think is moronic to say that you can't have a healthy life with both parents working and making money. And it'd also be incredibly wrong to force on people and would never ever happen anyway. "Sorry lady. Your kid is a little pudgy! Quit your job and play Suzie Homemaker all day or you're going away for 25 to life!"
I agree Jason, it seems like people in higher salary brackets / higher education have kids that are not obese/overweight. From what I've observed anyway..

Becuase they can buy organic foods/high quality foods, etc.
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Old 07-15-2011, 06:30 PM   #22
Katherine Derbyshire
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Re: Severely obese kids and foster care...

Originally Posted by Christina Daley View Post
I agree Jason, it seems like people in higher salary brackets / higher education have kids that are not obese/overweight. From what I've observed anyway..

Becuase they can buy organic foods/high quality foods, etc.
Can buy better quality food, can devote more time to food preparation (and probably have a more well-equipped kitchen), are more likely to live in neighborhoods conducive to outdoor activities, are more likely to send their kids to schools with a variety of extracurricular options, are more likely to catch and do something about excess weight (their own or their kid's) before it becomes extreme... and probably have higher incomes in the first place in part because their own parents did all of those things, too.

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Old 07-15-2011, 08:13 PM   #23
David Baxter
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Re: Severely obese kids and foster care...

it must be a huge topic -as we had "60 Minutes" do a segment on this problem in the USA- I think its a generation change - as in education is really needed to be aimed at the kids - and also dare I say it that healthy food become cheap and available @ a fast food drive thru place - and that the fast food giants have the food prices increased 150%
You have to discipline yourself, and through this discipline will come some level of achievement, and from this achievement will come your pride.
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Old 07-15-2011, 08:41 PM   #24
Troy Becker
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Re: Severely obese kids and foster care...

I'm totally for it, the government needs more power to tell us how to raise our kids. They've done such a good job educating them over the past four or five decades, after all.

Just like they've done such a good job managing our retirements for us. And just like they're doing such a good job providing medicine for us. And doing such a good job running our economy for us. And doing such a good job eliminating poverty for us. And doing such a good job curbing drug use for us. And did such a good job eliminating obesity with that old food pyramid they came up with. Yes, given their track record, I'm sure they can pull this one off without either overstepping their bounds OR totally screwing it up.

In fact, why stop there? Why not take kids away who are being put into sports that are dangerous? Little league baseball kills kids sometimes, so CPS should up put kids who play baseball in foster care. Now that I think about it, people in poorer neighborhoods (for you touchy sensitive types- "lower socioeconomic status") are more likely to be assaulted or mugged or what have you. We should not let them keep their kids either.

But hey, while we're at it, another "doctor," a group of them in fact, decided that guns were a menace to kids because every so often a kid finds one and blows his own head off. They wanted doctors to ask parents about guns in their houses as a "health risk" and strongly recommend getting rid of them. Maybe CPS can horn in on that action as well.

But , I'm just dinking around here, let's get serious. We good CrossFitters all know that breads are not paleo and not good, right? So any parent who would dare give bread- especially white bread- should have their kids ripped away as well. And parents who smoke- even those who don't smoke around their kids- are more likely to raise kids who smoke. CPS to the rescue! Get those kids out of there like that one time a few years ago when they took the kids away just because some head who worked at Walmart was developing some pictures of children in the bathtub and decided to call it in because he thought it might be kiddy porn.

This isn't even touching the whole spanking thing, by the way.

You know what, screw it. No one should ever raise their kids ever, because the all mighty, all knowing, all perfect government can do it better than us anyway. Let's skip the slippery slope and finish this game now.

And before we get the "you're going to the illogical extreme" people coming to refute me- fifty years ago the very thought of taking a fat kid away from his parents just because he was fat would be met with one of two responses: hysterical laughter at the sheer stupidity, or loaded guns, depending on how serious the person was when suggesting it.
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