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Old 03-24-2005, 01:57 AM   #1
Tan Tri V Nguyen
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to all who can do the hand stand.

Where did you start from?
Can you descride your process fo getting there

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Old 03-24-2005, 09:40 AM   #2
Frank C Ollis
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The easiest way to start is probably:

put your head down about 8 inches from a wall

Put both hands palm down in front of your shoulders

kick up and let your feet rest on the wall

when you are stable, start pushing up with your hands

you will have to move your hands around to find the best spot

after you can hald it on the wall, pull your legs away from the wal and work on your balance

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Old 03-24-2005, 09:46 AM   #3
Troy Archie
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I copied and pasted this from a previous post the Coach Sommers had put it:

"Wall handstands are your most valuable tool for learning a correct handstand. I would recommend staying with them for a substantial period of time. This will accomplish several things:

1) It will make it easier to maintain a straight body line (no arch or pike in either the shoulders, back or hips).

2) You can focus on learning balance and not on survival.

3) Your strength will improve more quickly due to being able to stay in the handstand for an extended period of time.

To transition from wall handstands to free standing handstands, try the following drill: Perform a wall handstand with stomach to the wall. Place your wrists approximately 4-6" from the base of the wall. Keep one foot on the wall while pulling the other foot off the wall and extending that leg directly over your hips. At this time, your wrists, shoulders, hips and leg that is off the wall should be in one vertical line. Once you feel that you have achieved a strong stable position, slowly pull your supporting foot off the wall. When you lose your balance, simply catch yourself by replacing the foot on the wall and then continue on with the drill.

Once you have achieved a reasonable level of proficiency with both versions of the wall handstand, learning freestanding handstands will be much easier.

For free standing handstands, there should be no movement in the legs, hips, back or elbows while in the handstand. Concentrate on keeping the body straight and "tight". The more parts of your body that are moving, the more difficult the balance will be. Focus on controlling the handstand with your shoulders and wrist/fingers.

While in the handstand, you should picture your hand as having three sections: the palm, the fingers and the heel of the hand. When on balance, you should feel your weight comfortably placed in the center of your palm with your shoulders directly over your hands. If you are falling over backwards, keep your body tight and attempt to pull your feet back up by pressing your fingers strongly into the floor and pulling your shoulders back over your hands. If you are falling forward,, press strongly into the floor with the heels of your hands and attempt to partially planche press back to the handstand position.

In reality, the handstand is not a non-moving position, but a series of rapid minute corrections between the three positions (over, under and vertical) to maintain the balance. All movements should be small and controlled. Try to avoid making rapid or large corrections.

There is no reason to crash while training a handstand. If you find yourself falling over, simply bend your arms, duck your head and do a forward roll. Be sure to train in an area that is suitable and has enough room to maneuver in case of mishaps.

Have fun while knowing that the strength benefits from handstand training are enormous. Robb Wolf credits handstand work and other gymnastics conditioning with increasing his power clean from 260 to 290lbs. Food for thought.
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Old 03-29-2005, 03:37 PM   #4
Keith Wittenstein
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What has worked best for me is greasing the groove. After learning how to fall out of a handstand safely. I now practice them whenever I can several times a day. I kick up and hold it for as long as possible. Some days my balance is great and I get up and stay there for a long time. Other days I keep kicking up and coming back down, but it is good work. You can GTG at the wall, but it is crucial once you have enough strength, to start performing them away from the wall. The more comfortable you are upside down, the easier it gets. Build strength by doing lots of holds at the wall and trying HSPUs. Build balance by leaving the safety of the wall and trying to hold the handstands or practice walking.
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Old 03-29-2005, 05:06 PM   #5
Michael Nobori
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I recently tried practicing handstands in a pool. It was good fun and I got better so it seemed to be working. Breathing is a bit of a problem, but I was able to manage many (failed) attempts with low impact (tumbling). Unfortunately, I don't have regular access to a pool anymore. Oh, well. Back to the wall and full gravity.
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Old 03-30-2005, 06:11 AM   #6
Graham Tidey
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Yeah thats fun, but doesnt require half as much strength, trains you to hold your breath during exertion (when you should breath out) and you're almost held up by the force of the water against you on both sides.

Im taking the long route with mine and working on gym planches untill I can push myself into the handstand from them.
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