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Nutrition Diet, supplements, weightloss, health & longevity

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Old 01-29-2006, 01:52 AM   #1
Ron Wilhelm
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Long time reader, first time questioner. I've been following the Zone for about three weeks now and recently started occasionally using frozen vegetables as a matter of convenience. When using fresh food I based my blocks off the USDA database, but for frozen used the labeling on the package. I just noticed that it in addition to 'total carbs' and 'sugars', there was a separate entry for fibre. I also noticed I seemed to be eating a lot more frozen than fresh for equivalent zone blocks. I had to read the Food Standards ANZ code to find that for labelling, quote:

carbohydrate means –
(a) ‘carbohydrate by difference’, calculated by subtracting from 100,
the average quantity expressed as a percentage of water, protein,
fat, dietary fibre, ash, alcohol, and if quantified or added to the
food, any other unavailable carbohydrate and the substances listed
in column 1 of Table 2 to subclause 2(2); or
(b) ‘available carbohydrate’, calculated by summing the average
quantity of total available sugars and starch, and if quantified or
added to the food, any available oligosaccharides, glycogen and

dietary fibre means that fraction of the edible part of plants or their extracts, or
synthetic analogues that –
(a) are resistant to the digestion and absorption in the small intestine,
usually with complete or partial fermentation in the large intestine;
(b) promote one or more of the following beneficial physiological
effects –
(i) laxation;
(ii) reduction in blood cholesterol;
(iii) modulation of blood glucose;
and includes polysaccharides, oligosaccharides (degree of polymerisation >
2) and lignins.


The USDA database lists carbs as by difference, but it seems here in Australia, carbs can also mean 'net carbs', or carbs as defined by Protein Power, carbs by difference minus fibre.

In following the Zone, I have attempted to simply my eating, in particular eating vegetables and letting the carb/fibre difference sort itself out without worrying about it. Basically worrying less. My question is for the purposes of calculating blocks, should I just add the fibre to the carbs to get to the 9g carb/block?

I'm not concerned that I have been eating too much, just more concerned with the masses of food that I find myself lugging around when I find myself toting 12 blocks of food on days when I eat lunch, dinner and snacks outside the house. I had been naturally moving my carb blocks lower, rounding down, calling 7 or 8 g close enough, and rounding protein up.
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Nikki Young
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Hmm, i think i understood the Question.. But i appolagise if i miss understood and don't end up answering it.

With counting the carbs using Zone, you minus the fibre from the carbs, not add. So for instance, if you where about to eat something and the food lable stated 13g carb, and 4g fibre. Then you would go 13-4 = 9g. So you have 1 block carb. Not around 1.5 block carb.

Hope that helped :uhoh:
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