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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Old 06-06-2009, 09:13 AM   #1
Jonah Scott
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Deadlift: Incapacitating Pain Next Day

2 days ago I deadlifted... it had been about 9 days since me last deadlift session, though I did RDL about 4 days before. I did my working set with the same weight as I had in my session from 9 days before: 275.

The set was tough but felt fine, and I felt completely fine the rest of the day. When I awoke the next morning, however, the back pain was so intense I could not even get out of bed. I lay on my back, took ibubrofen, and iced it. I slept a while and by about 5pm I was able to get out of bed. At this point it still hurt but felt mostly like muscle soreness.

It is now the day after that, and I feel mostly better except for some tweaky pain under my scapula on the right side, and mild muscle soreness all over my back.

My question is: Should I be worried about DLing the future, or could this whole episode have been just really bad muscle soreness? What else could it be?

Thanks for any advice,
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Old 06-06-2009, 10:28 AM   #2
Steven Low
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Re: Deadlift: Incapacitating Pain Next Day

If it's muscle soreness you should be heating, getting a massage/self massage, possibly foam rolling, hot shower/bath, etc. Loosen up the muscles.

If it's bony/spine you should probably see a doc.

Honestly, can't tell you if you should be doing stuff especially in the near future because it depends on what you actually did.
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Old 06-06-2009, 11:35 AM   #3
Lou Cabales
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Re: Deadlift: Incapacitating Pain Next Day

any signs or symptoms of rhabdomyolysis????

if so do not pass go. go directly to ER

I've had deadlift back injury before not to be messed with, ive also experienced dead lift OVERTRAINING before, sucks but it will pass.

mirroring what steve said

its important to determine if pain is muscular, or is there vertebral column injury/ nervous damage

any numbness or tingling in lower extemities, or any numbness tingling anywhere

any pain anywhere, what causes it, what makes it worse, what relieves it, and location, description of pain. any shooting pains?

can you air squat, twist torso, side bend, body weight good morning?

if positve, see health care professional ASAP!!!

if negative, try below

(safe, family,work, rated G,WFS)

since pain has subsided it sounds like overtraining/DOMS. My opnion is you pre-exhausted muscles from RDL and or not adequate recovery prior to heavy deads.

Heavy Deads require fresh back!!!!!!

in my humble opinion (IMHO), i don't think an injury should stop you from doing an exercise. if injured it is imperative appropriate recovery take place. Injury/damage illustrate the need for extreme vigilance for perfect form deads and especially heavy deads.

check out recent thread on back injury.

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Old 06-08-2009, 10:24 PM   #4
Jonah Scott
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Location: Fayetteville  AR
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Re: Deadlift: Incapacitating Pain Next Day

Thanks for the responses guys.

The pain seems completely gone. I think it was all muscular, even though at times it didn't feel that way. I can twist my torso and good morning just fine now.

The last pain to subside felt like something sharp underneath my scapula. I should mention that I've had a much much milder version of this before when I did DL. Felt like a little crick or pinch in my upper back the next day, and happened whenever I lifted heavy. I'd always ignored it since it went away the next day and didn't hurt too bad. Just double-checking if that is normal.

Also, the workout I posted about in the OP, I did a few sets of pullups before I did DL. Could that have been the culprit?

My plan now is to lift light to medium the next time, and see how that feels. What do you think?

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Old 06-09-2009, 02:06 AM   #5
Bo Schmidt
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Re: Deadlift: Incapacitating Pain Next Day

IMHO, it's better to let your back recover. You wouldn't want to get a back injury that takes months to heal and puts you way back in your training. Better to take it easy the next couple of weeks on DLs. I'm not familiar with your current training routine, but maybe just following the main site and if a DL day comes up, either take a rest day or sub it with something else.
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Old 06-10-2009, 08:42 PM   #6
Justin Lascek
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Re: Deadlift: Incapacitating Pain Next Day

There is nothing in the first post that would indicate this is anything but overly sore muscles. Factors leading up to the bout of deadlifting in question may have allowed you to succumb to crappy form, thus producing a flexed back position from the ground, or after the bar has cleared your knees (which usually means instead of the hip extensors finishing the movement, the extensors of the back get bullied into doing a job they shouldn't be). But, I don't know, and we don't know, because we can't see it from here.

There isn't anyone that is exempt from requiring coaching in the barbell lifts.
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