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Old 02-27-2009, 03:39 PM   #1
Matt Rexin
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Talking Power rack hierarchy

I was doing some good mornings today in the power rack ( I'm pretty sure theyve saved my back on a number of different occasions) and I was wondering if there is a "hierarchy" of who gets priority in the power rack. If someone wants to squat, do they automatically get priority? I know this rarely happens in the real world, as Ive had to wait for my share of barbell curlers screaming and struggling in the power rack.
Im being facetious here, its more or less just to gauge people's reactions.

Here is my power rack "Hierarchy"

1. Squats(Especially front squats)
2. O-lifts (hang cleans, cleans, etc)
3. Partial deadlifts
4. Floor presses
5. Barbell and inverted rows
6. Bodyweight exercises such as pull ups
7. Good mornings
8. Presses
9.Lunges (Although I'd much rather see people actually walking around to do them)
10. Barbell curls.
11. Dumbell curls.
12. One armed concentration curls, sitting on the bar, looking at yourself in the mirror.
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Old 02-27-2009, 05:10 PM   #2
Alex Bond
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Re: Power rack hierarchy

I'd put presses higher. Not everyone wants to clean up their presses, so you need a rack so some type. You can do floor presses and rows anywhere with a floor - in fact, I don't know why you would even need or want a rack for floor presses, and rows as described in SS:BBT start and end every rep on the ground, and have no need for a rack. Same for Oly lifts. I want to be able to drop a missed clean to the floor, not onto the rack.

I'd say:
partial deadlifts
things that don't need a rack but a rack is helpful (presses, good mornings, lunges, etc)
same as above but moreso (pull-ups - seriously, there should be a bar independent of the rack for people to use)
stuff that has no business in the rack (O-lifts, floor presses, rows, curls, etc)
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Old 02-27-2009, 06:31 PM   #3
Zac Jereb
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Re: Power rack hierarchy

Hell, I'd put good mornings at the top of my heirarchy provided they're max effort good mornings. A max squat you can dump if you need to - it won't be pretty, but you can do it. If you're going for a 1RM on a good morning, there's really no safe way to dump it - you truly *need* the spotting bars on a power rack to safely max out on GMs.

So... I'm thinking:

1. ME Good Mornings
2. Rack Pulls (you literally can't do 'em without a power rack)
3. ME Squats
4. ME Bench sans spotter (you can't always wait around for a spotter)
5. Overhead overloading work (heavy partial overheads, jerk/push-press "recovery lifts - check Jim Schmitz if you don't know what I'm talking about)

Anything else doesn't really ever *need* a power rack, so I'd say it isn't even really worth ranking...
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Old 02-28-2009, 06:35 PM   #4
Matt Rexin
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Location: Victoria  BC
Posts: 275
Re: Power rack hierarchy

Ok, I'm guilty of not thinking my hierarchy all the way through. I admit, I have never done an O-lift in the power rack and am now wondering why anyone would. Sorry. I think what I meant was partials, which Zac mentioned.

Floor pressing in a power rack is just to have a place to rack the weight at the top of the movement. Take out the bottom supports in the rack and it allows you to not have to try and squeeze under the bar to start the rep. That's how the power rack is useful.

As for rows, upright rows and partial hang cleans are great in the rack.

Maxing out Good mornings? Hmmm...I've never thought about that.
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