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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Jordan Derksen
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Pelvic twisting

Hey guys, quick background and right to the point here. My wife injured herself earlier in summer rollerblading by hitting a stone mid stride with one foot in the air. We were holding hands so I reflexively grabbed her and her back popped. After a few weeks of pain she had seen a physio twice and was told she had sprained the bottom lumbar where it meets the sacrum. Fast forward 2-3 months and she's gotten much better but not 100%.

She decides to try weight training with me and we figure lets get her strong so this doesn't happen again. She's always had a good back from hockey and such but we figure this is good rehab. I start her on SS, fix her squat, she says it feels great and she's excited. Our second workout I was teaching her to deadlift, says it feels good and I throw a bit of weight on to start her at since she's quite strong already. We were gonna start at 95lb which she says was really easy for her. She goes to pull it and right aways her back and hips fire up with pain, but I noticed on her first pull something about her hips is really off. I get her to stop and I say no more deadlifting till we fix this. I screen her movement carefully and as she does a weightless deadlift I realize what I saw, her hips are twisted to one side which is causing her spine to bow slightly. While looking down her spine at her hips I see this \ instead of _ (to exaggerate with symbols). I use my hands to show her where proper alignment is and she says it feels weird. Right aways I screen the squat more carefully. When she air squats she's totally fine and even while standing her hips are ok. As soon as she puts the bar on her back same thing happens, the hips twist slightly and back curves to the side

I've started with stretches and we both already knew her left side was way tighter than her right which is odd cause she's right side dominant. She has a similar imbalance in the shoulders as well. So I'm staying away from barbells and doing one arm movements. I think I'll do the same as well with her hips to fix her legs. She's clearly been favoring one side since the injury and it's just playing itself out now.

I know this is totally fixable with stretching and strength work. Does anyone have any experience with this or any tips? I found a series on breaking muscle that's 4 weeks long on how some girl fixed her pelvic alignment herself after no one could help her. I was thinking of just following that and then for strength doing step ups and one leg RDL's to build unilateral hip strength, then after that going back to barbell movements and using only the barbell keep retesting her alignment.

When she feels pain it's not her back but in her hip that she feels it. Right at the top of the glute she says. She's also carrying neck tightness and pain from a few neck injuries and likely it's an upstream problem from her hips.

Any advice is appreciated!

Edit: I've had her do one leg RDLs and on her one side she has a really hard time dropping her hips to be parallel with the floor.
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Dare Vodusek
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Re: Pelvic twisting

Are you reffering to SI joint? WFS
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Alex Burden
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Re: Pelvic twisting

I have had problems with my back over the past 6-8 years and there are 2 simple methods of checking this.

Find a long mirror at home and get the wife to stand in front of it in her underwear... then do this... tell her to look down and relax and then tell her to put her feet at shoulder width (while still looking down) then tell her to look up and stand with her back strait.

Now look at the center line of her body - chest bone, belly button and between legs (I know how this sounds bad but bear with me)

Now if her hips are off you will clearly be able to see that her body center line is off, her belly button will be clearly off to the left or right. If this is the case then its a visit to a Chiropractor.

The second test I would use is to get her to lay of the floor with no shoes or socks, tell her to relax. Now grab her by the ankles and pull her towards you about 6-10 inches (no jolting)

Now point her toes to the roof and look at her heels! are they even length? if her hips are off then you will see a clear difference in length.. thus also confirming a trip to the Chiropractor.

If everything is ok in these tests then she has a different problem

This is from my own experience and it works a treat to keep track of things. I go to a very experienced Chiropractor and have learnt allot of this time so I know what to look for.
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