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Old 10-17-2006, 06:35 AM   #11
Steven Low
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With a step or two vertical is about 30-32" at 5'8" 135lbs. I miss the basketball rim by a few millimeters more or less which sucks. My standing vertical is pretty crappy... no clue what it is but it is probably around a foot or so less than with a few steps. It's probably somewhere in my technique and/or I just know how to transfer momentum efficiently with a step.

Blair: I can't dunk so your guy at 5'7" who can dunk is probably 6" above the rim which is probably closer to a 38-40" vertical for him which is pretty sick. If he was getting less than 6" above the rim then subtract however many that is from the 38-40" estimate.

NFL linebackers are sick. Most of the elite ones have 40"+ verticals which is much higher than virtually all basketball players except the elite ones (the shorter point guards). Most of the big guys don't need to jump that much since they can already dunk...

(Message edited by braindx on October 17, 2006)
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Old 10-17-2006, 09:25 AM   #12
Arden Cogar Jr.
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Personally, at 5'10" 260, I can still grab the rim and probably dunk a volleyball, even though I haven't tried for nearly 10 years. Up until about six months ago, I made ploymetrics a normal part of my routine. I regularly bounded upon 40" boxes. I have absolutely no idea what my vertical leap would be - I'm guessing high 20s/low 30s.

reading this thred makes me want to incorporate it back into my training. I dumped it because of right knee pain stemming from thinning cartlidge behind my patella. The pain has resolved, so I might start low and see where it takes me. I also dropped it because of my advancing years (36) and my bodyweight. But my weight has been pretty constant now for four years, so I should be okay, I hope?

All the best,
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Old 10-17-2006, 11:12 AM   #13
Jeremy Jones
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Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Concord  Ca
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Anybody got stats on Oly Lifter verts?

I have seen some amazing pictures of the pros sailing throught the air (after a PR or record breaking lift). I don't recall seeing any statistics.

(Message edited by jjones on October 17, 2006)
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Old 10-17-2006, 11:39 AM   #14
Catherine Imes
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Location: St. Louis  MO
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We attended an oly lifting workshop this weekend, and I thought the instructor stated that Elite Oly Lifters had the best verticals of any athlete. May not be an absolute, I'm sure many here have heard of Shane Hammond(sp) 5'8? and can dunk a BB (with no step)...Oh, and he weighs 360.

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Old 10-17-2006, 01:48 PM   #15
Arden Cogar Jr.
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Location: Charleston  WV
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I would say that the oly lifters would absolutely have awesome verticals. Absolutely.

All the best,
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Old 10-17-2006, 05:06 PM   #16
Blair Robert Lowe
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Location: Sacramento  CA
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I remember on my Dan McGwire draft football card it stated he had a vert leap of 36" in the draft testing. Yeah, that's Mark McGwire's younger brother who played for SDSU and Seattle I think; though he never panned out. Bare in mind he was supposedly 6'8" as well.
As for my friend Joe, I wonder what vert he has now since he's been involved mostly in art and programming with no breaking or basketball since college started. Nothing racial here, but he was a skinny Japanee who was into MA. Ever see any of those okinawan Karate sensei jump up and kick their ( lower ) ceilings. Same kind of hops like some hard northern style Kung Fu/Wushu.

Does taking a step or two into the vertical leap give that much more height? Ian here has been telling me about testing that way, but I always just did the standing against the wall test.
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Old 10-17-2006, 05:07 PM   #17
Brian Degenaro
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Join Date: May 2006
Location: baldwin  ny
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At 5'6" I'm about another handlength away from touching rim from a standing jump, so 7 more inches. From a layup, it's a few inches more, but nothing noticeable. I put so much power into my vert thanks to squats, plyos, and some Crossfitting this summer. I'm intent by the end of the year to grab rim from a layup.
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Old 10-17-2006, 07:06 PM   #18
Jeff Haas
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Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: tyler  tx
Posts: 43
In high school I could dunk a volleyball, my hand wasn't big enough to palm a bb.this was with a running start though. i ran a 9.9 hundred yard dash in track, which was really my sport. I was probably 5'11" 140 lbs. Today at 53 6'1" 200lbs i can touch the rim with a running start.Tomorrow with my curosity picqued I'll measure a standing vertical jump.Maybe 18,20 inches? we'll see
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Old 10-17-2006, 09:54 PM   #19
Jordan Dotson
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Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Shenzhen  Guangdong
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I read an article somewhere recently, can't remember where, that I believe put the avg vertical for OLY lifters at 36", drastically higher than pro basketball players in 2nd place at, I think, 33". A 40" vert is mindboggling, but think of 1986 (pre-broken foot)Michael Jordan, or playground legend Earl Manigault, both of whose verts were never officially tested but speculated to be around 47".
Regardless, whenever you see an athletes vert listed, it's always their standing vert--you're running vert should be at least 6-7" higher. Myself...I'm 6'3 & at my best, around 33" vert, I could jump straight up w/out a step & dunk one-handed, fairly easily. But on the fast break, I could drop a reverse two-handed. It's all in the efficiency of switching horizontal motion to upward......
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Old 10-17-2006, 11:37 PM   #20
Gorm Laursen
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How does one test and measure a vertical leap?

Is it simply just a full effort jump straight up the air from a stand still position?

Only way I could imagine testing it, was to put chalk on the shoe, jump next to a wall and give a little dash with the foot when one's on the highest ... is there a better more straight forward way of testing?
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