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Old 08-23-2008, 05:50 AM   #1
Nate Myers
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MEBB Template with Questions.

I've been doing Crossfit for about 5-6 months now. I've come from a traditional bodybuilding past. After starting Crossfit, I havent been able to go back. Except, I still work in sets of the big lifts. Current max's are: Squat: 405 Deadlift: 435 Bench: 285 Shoulder Press: 165 Clean: 205

In trying to formalize a split between the two, I came across MEBB and have selected a schedule, and exersizes I want to improve on. However, I also have some questions I havent been able to find the answer to, or have found conflicting answers to. Below are some of the ideas I had for my MEBB routine, and some questions I have.

My goals are to increase strength(1RM), power, and still retain all the positives of Crossfit, endurance, stamina, cardio, etc.

I want to do the 6 on-1off schedule. Crossfit - ME(TB) - Crossfit - ME(LB) - Crossfit - ME(UB). The lifts I want to work on are: Total Body - Deadlift, Clean, Snatch. Lower Body - Back Squat, Front Squat, Overhead Squat. Upper Body - Shoulder Press, Weighted Pull-ups/Dips, Bench Press.

Now onto my questions.
1) I understand working through each exercize set (1 TB, 1 LB, 1 UB), Should any attention be paid to the relationship between the 3 exercises? ie. Pair Cleans with Front Squats. Snatch with Overhead Squat. Or could i simply choose 3 lifts for a cycle regardless what they are? Also, under the template of MEBB, are push presses/jerks considered a Total Body Workout?

2) As for reps and sets, when I go in and do some max weight sets I typically work with 2 warmup sets, 6-8 reps. 3X3 ~75% 1RM. Then 3-4 sets of 1 rep. The third and fourth set typically attempting a new PR, unless its an "off" day. Then 2 sets of <50% 1RM for a cool down. So basically my question is, does this seem like a good setXrep template for continuing to make 1RM gains or should I use the 5-5-5-3-3-3 or 3-3-3-1-1-1 template as Part 1 of MEBB perscribes. (Or also the other setXrep templates he introduced in Part 3, I think)

3) For the Crossfit Workout Days, Would you recommend just following the main site WOD's skipping of course the ME days? Also, in terms of intensity and loads, as I've said, I'm fairly comfortable with the WOD's. never taking more than 25 minutes on even the more difficult ones. Most of the Girls are under 10 minutes for me, should I scale weights, reps, sets, or time off of the WOD, or do them as prescribed.

That should about do it. Like I said, my goal is to keep all the end-results of the Crossfit routine, but to add additional strength through ME lifts. I appreciate your time and input. If you have any questions for me, feel free. Thanks again!
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Old 08-25-2008, 10:48 AM   #2
Chris Witkowski
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Re: MEBB Template with Questions.

This may help. Within the post there is a link to the MEBB Performance Menu article. That may help more.

Good too
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Old 08-26-2008, 08:32 AM   #3
Jakub Kruhlik
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Re: MEBB Template with Questions.

follow the MEBB like it says,including the exercise selction, it works for a reason. and do the WOD as prescribed, if you do the girls in under 10 min then you should be adding weight not scaling.
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