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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Old 01-07-2006, 12:42 AM   #1
Bill Betts
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During warmup two days ago, I ripped what feels to be a small part of the upper Vastus medialis while doing the sampson stretch. (upper front anterior thigh near but not in the groin). I definitly felt the muscle tear. It tore at the bottom of the lunge at the most stressed and stretched out part.

It healed well enough over the next day. No swelling but some sensation to the touch and I could feel the tear. It does not however seem to affect me in any other exercise except the samson. Today the other side went. Now I have a matched set.

It's not a serious injury at this point but I think it indicates an underlying weakness.

Has anyone experienced this peculiar injury?

What additional treatments, exercises, stretches etc should I be on the lookout for.

Thanks to all the Crossfitters for being such a supportive community.

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Old 01-10-2006, 01:34 AM   #2
Christian Lemburg
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It is hard to say what you should look out for without knowing some more on your background.

In any case, if you are sure you tore something, take about one or two weeks off from exercising your legs. Maybe some light activity, like walking, but not to excess. Then start out slowly again, working up to your previous level of fitness.

As for specific exercises, e.g., if you have weak legs/hip flexors, I would recommend to start a moderate running program. Add some hanging leg raises, L-sits and L-pullups to get more strength.

If you already have strong legs, you have a major tightness problem or you were overdoing the stretch. In both cases, learn to stretch without going over the border. Remember, stretching is not about pulling something apart, but about relaxing the contraction in your tight muscles.

I would recommend contract/relax stretching for hip flexors and quads after the healing period, without going over the pain border. The Samson stretch is fine, but don't push it that far. Get into the position, stretch to the point where you feel a stretch, but not yet any pain, contract against resistance hard for about 1-2 seconds (in your case, push back leg toes into floor), relax and stretch farther into the position (again, not to pain, just relax), contract again, get farther again (no pain!). Stop, get out of position and shake out. Repeat for other leg. Then repeat whole sequence again. Done.

Of course, stretching is best done after warmup and after workout. But you already knew that.

Good luck, and fast recovery,

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Old 01-11-2006, 07:50 PM   #3
Bill Betts
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Join Date: Jan 1970
Posts: 31

Excellent feedback.

I've always had poor flexibility in my lower torso and the paticulars of the Samson stretch seem to highlight my weakness in this area.

I am healing nicely and I will follow your advice as to the hip flexors. As well I have taken to a light run before the Crossfit work out just so that I can stretch more easily. It seems funny but at my age I have to warm up and stretch before I do the Crosfit warmup.

Thanks ever so much.

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