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Nutrition Diet, supplements, weightloss, health & longevity

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Old 11-26-2007, 06:04 PM   #1
Nicolas Castonguay
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Is this be a good Zone diet meal plan and would it be enough to maintain lean mass...

Or even gain some lean mass, while at the same time gaining strength?

Weight: 175lbs
BF%: 13%
Lean body weight: 152.25
G of protein per lean body weight: 0.9
Number of blocks: 14 without supper, 19 with supper (supper is almost always 35g protein +, but sometimes it's not a zone meal)

All zone meals except supper, but I will always try my best to make it a 5-6 block meal.

Breakfast (3 meal block): 2 eggs (2p), 1 slice of cheese (1p), 1 slice whole wheat bread (2c), 1tbs jelly (1c), .5 tbs peanut butter (3f)

Diner (4 meal block): 1 can of tuna, fat-free [obviously] (4p), 2 fruits (4c), 2tsp light mayo (4f), 10 ml canola oil (4f)

Snack (1 meal block): 2 fat-free yogurts (1p/c), 6 almonds (2f)

Supper: This is made by my mom, so it's not a zone meal, but I usually have around 40g of proteins (5-6blocks) so all I'll have to do is reduce my amount of rice/pasta/potatoes and get some almonds/peanuts/nuts on the side.

Pre-bed shake (6 meal block): 2 cup skim milk (2.5p/2c), 1 scoop whey (3.5p), 1/3 cup oats (2c), 1 fruit or 2tbs jelly (2c), 2 tsp canola oil (6f), 36 peanuts or 18 almonds (6f) - All my protein source is fat-free so I have to double the amount of fat for the whole meal

Total protein: 168g (including supper)
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Old 11-27-2007, 10:15 AM   #2
Joe Gasparre
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Re: Is this be a good Zone diet meal plan and would it be enough to maintain lean mas

Yeah that's really how my diet plan looks. I am only 17 still but I make all my meals except for dinner. So Dinner isn't always so close to Zone but I try to improvise. I'm only about 145 pounds, and for breakfast I try to get 4-5 block meal. For lunch i do a 5-6 sometimes 7. and for dinner I do 5-6. I try and throw my snack into my meal cause its easier. I take in alot of protien and I eat alot cause I'm still growing. And all the food helps with working out. I might up it actually cause I am maintaining muscle but not really gaining any weight.
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