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Old 05-22-2008, 04:14 PM   #11
Robert Callahan
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Re: Deadlift - fixed the problem?

Originally Posted by David Gessen View Post
should I drive my *** up like in the squat?

Next workout I'll keep the weight and if the problem won't fix I'll drop 22lbs next-next workout and see what happens.
Deffinantly do not drive your butt up like in the squat. You should practice what we are saying in warm up. Think instead of keeping that butt down and DO NOT let your butt rise unless the weight comes with it, start with the bar and as you increase in warm up keep working it. You can feel it when you do it, you just have to be paying attention, do not look at mirrors or anything just focus on the ground and feel your body, you will feel that butt kick up before the weight even moves, that is what you want to prevent from happening!
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Chad Skola
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Re: Deadlift - fixed the problem?

Don't look up. Focus on looking 6-8 ft in front of you. you want to keep you spine in a neutral position and having your head way back like that is not help. Definitely stay away from the mirror. That is not going to help you when you. When you turn and look at the mirror you have change your spine position and....well just don't do that. Feel your body and how it is moving.

Keep up the practice though. It will come around.

Oh and I agree with everyone else on your arm and leg placement.
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Old 05-24-2008, 06:44 AM   #13
Dana Lynch
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Re: Deadlift - fixed the problem?

Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
1. Hmm, looks like you're initiating the movement by straightening the knees.. which you are supposed to do but in conjunction with some extension of the glutes as well. This gives it a weird kind of good morning like movement in the upper phase which is not supposed to happen.

2. The stance is wide enough that you can see your arms bending at the elbows. If you can get it closer than that it would be better. Otherwise, starting position looks very good.

3. It was better in that you kept the bar closer to your shins the second time.

Basically, initiate the movement by activating the glutes as well to start raising the torso angle while straightening your knees. By doing knees then glutes at heavier weight there is almost inevitably going to be some major back rounding which isn't good.
This and the advice from Robert seem more consistent with the faults I see. You'll correct the butt rising before the bar if you activate the glutes by digging your heels into the ground. Try it without shoes so you have a better mind/body connection.

You should have someone else check your start position. Do not look in the mirror. I disagree with lowering your butt, because that may drive your shoulders behind the bar. Instead, have someone make sure your butt is half way between your shoulders and knees. I would go even more narrow with the stance. Jump in the air and see where your feet land. This is usually a good indicator of where you will generate the most power from.

Another cue I would give you to fix your arm bend is to "take the slack out of your arms" before you initiate any movement. Pretend your arms are straps and tighten the straps on the bar before you initiate the movement. That way when your arms are taunt, your heels are dug in and glutes are activated, the bar will start to move first instead of your butt rising in air when you straighten your knees.

Drop the weight down.
Dana Lynch
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Old 05-24-2008, 09:54 AM   #14
Mike Gray
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Re: Deadlift - fixed the problem?

your lower back is not strong enough for the weight your using.
That's something I've been wondering about. I can hoist a good bit more weight in a DL with bad form than I can with good form.

Now, I'm not for a moment saying it'sa good idea - I'd rather have a low PR than a wrecked back! But I *am* curious - as one's form and strength develop, does this change, or is someone's best possible DL always going to show some form problems? In most other excercises, good form leads to better numbers - are DLs an exception?

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