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Old 11-22-2010, 01:32 PM   #1
Om Puri
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5/3/1 + assistance as met con?

is it possible to do the assistance exercises as met con (super set); or is it better to do a short met con after the assistance exercises.

wendler recommends assistance exercises be about 5 set of 10. so a typical week would look thus:

M - SQ 5/3/1 + 2 assistance 5x10 (GM, light box squat, etc...)
W - BP 5/3/1 + 2 assistance 5x10 like (DB row, DB chest press, etc..)
F - DL 5/3/1 + 2 assistance 5x10 (RDL, back ext, etc...)
Sat - OP 5/3/1 + 2 assistance 5x10 (dips, chins/pulls, etc...)

so should i super set the assistance exercises to make it like a met con? or do a short met con after assistance exercises?

my goal is to slightly increase strength or at least maintain it while cutting body fat.

i just did 3 months of SS type programming (madcow ramping 5x5) where i gained strength (added 30# to squat but also added nearly 20# body weight).
i don't mind being heavier but along with added muscle i've also gained body fat. pants are tighter in the thigh & bum (muscle gain ) but also tight around waist (fat )
5'8" 165# 38 y.
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Old 11-22-2010, 02:56 PM   #2
Scott Diehl
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Re: 5/3/1 + assistance as met con?

Yo man, i'm not a wendler expert, but I am doing exactly what you're talking about right now, not necessarily with the same goals though. I do the 5/3/1 lift, assistance exercises, then a short metcon afterwards. However, I also sometimes work metcons that have the assistance exercises in them, or at least some variation of the assistance exercises. For instance, I like to do 10x2 power cleans or power snatches as an assistance on my DL days, but I might work 135# power snatches and something like box jumps or pullups into a metcon. Seems to work for me, my 5/3/1 lifts are going up (did 360x7 for DLs last cycle, got 370x8 this morning), bodyweight is holding stable, body fat is low (8-9%).
Cindy: 30 rds -- Murph: 27:21 -- Tabata Something Else: 445 -- Deadhang Pullups: 32 -- CFT: 1005
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Old 11-22-2010, 03:56 PM   #3
Ted Apollo
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Re: 5/3/1 + assistance as met con?

Om, i'd say do the assistance work & then add a short/heavy metcon after. i believe the assistance work has its own merit & deserves its own programming. experiment & if it seems like too much work then program the assistance work into your metcons. i've done it both ways & i don't believe there is one right answer.
m/36/6'/285/bf 31.9% - old workout log , xfit workout log ,and hybrid workout log (WFS)
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