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Nutrition Diet, supplements, weightloss, health & longevity

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John Jaeckel
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Re: Supplements

As far as "supplements," there's a gray area between dietary/herbal supplements in the U.S., and in general.

Some prescription "pharmaceuticals" are essentially herbs you can buy over the counter (eg., red yeast rice extract which=lovastatin/Mevacor).

I take three prescription meds regularly, for ADHD and hyperlipidemia. I would like nothing better than to get off them, but at the same time, they are not, in my case, borderline cases or a result over-diagnosis. That said, I am hoping through CF, diet and careful, considered herbal supplementation to get off the prescription meds.

On another note, re: training and strength, food (in addition to exercise) is one of the most powerful hormonal influencers known to man.

I tried a protocol called ABCDE (anabolic burst cycling of diet and exercise) about 11 years ago and, in conjunction with a rigid exercise protocol, got in amazing shape with it. I also think it's quite reconcilable (and actually not inconsistent in a macro sense) with Paleo.

Now, I'm sure there's someone on this board who's going to say ABCDE is passe' or disproven. Fine. It worked for me. I got strong and lean.

It works like this: you train lighter weights/higher reps, lots of cardio (think: MetCons) for two weeks in a calorie-restricted state. A 200 pound guy would consume about 2000 calories a day. Lean meat, veggies, water. Very Paleo, but lower cal.

Then, after two weeks, you dramatically shift your exercise protocol to high volume, hypertrophic, heavy weights/lower reps (think: volume training or Russian powerlifting protocols) AND you dramatically up your caloric intake (which you can keep Paleo/Zone with a little planning). A 200 pound guy might consume 4000-5000 calories a dayŚ for two weeks.

Then repeat.

The idea is, the "burst" of hypertrophic training and calories causes the body to pump out obscene amounts of hormones. Yet in the calorie-reduced stage, you're still doing things that influence hormones beneficial to growth.

OK, it's hard to follow and might have some holes in it scientifically.

But, intuitively, it's very credible that our paleolithic ancestors went through extended (days/weeks) "macro" periods of both gorging and semi-starvation, in addition to eating the "micro" diet of wild game, vegetables, roots, nuts and eggs.

And like I said, it worked for me, but I think you need to train accordingly to get the benefit I did.
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