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Fitness Theory and Practice. CrossFit's rationale & foundations. Who is fit? What is fitness?

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Lucas King
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Re: Any main pagers left?

Originally Posted by Aushion Chatman View Post

Shane touched on some of the stuff you mentioned...but here's some other things to consider:

Coach Glassman is no longer doing the mainpage programming I believe that is known. Though Tony Budding the guy I believe to be doing most of the programming now has been at this game for a LONG time.

I too don't like how most affiliates program strength and then a metcon but for slightly different reasons.

Mainly because I don't like having 10-15 mins to work strength. To me that is not going to get folks very strong at all...

The breakdown is like this:

1 Hour class typically

10-15 minutes warm-up
15 mins strength
5 minute rest/setup metcon
10-20 min METCON
5-10 cooldown (maybe)

15 minutes to work on strength work to me is just not enough. Now maybe people are progressing on that kind of programming and putting up serious numbers but I would be very surprised if you got anywhere decent with that limited exposure to working maximal strength.

If I was doing strength + metcon I'd need about an 1.5hrs even if I kept my metcon in the 12 minute range.

any affiliates that program strength + metcon have any results to share, can you do it well in 60 mins?
I agree with you as well. I remember hearing one affiliate owner (I think on Crossfit Radio) talk about how they have an optional program where the athletes would go to another area of the gym and do a either a metcon or structured strength work (the opposite of what the affiliate programmed for the day) after class. I forget which gym it was but they have a lot of good athletes. Another thing a box Ive been to does is, they have what they call Oly club and Strength club each once a week for 1.5 hours. Where you can go and just work strength.
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Jon Gregory
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Re: Any main pagers left?

Its pretty tough to work both strength and metcon adequately in a one hour slot. I think this becomes even more an issue as you get stronger. To push through sticking points at the heavier weights (say 450lb for DL, 350 for sq) you really need to start using assistance work and really concentrating on the lifts which a tight time frame doesn't allow.
Also, a lot of the WOD's on mainpage are very demanding and will leave you pretty drained. They often smash one aspect for several days, for example after a few days of smashing your posterior chain through the WODs you really won't be able to put in the work on your DL or Sq to really see improvements.
MP is great IMO but its not right if you want to make rapid strength gains beyond those a total beginner will inevitably make.
For me MP is something to cycle in and out of every few months in order to keep improving.
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