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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Dave Tallman
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I Need Advise On Competing After Knee Replacements

I am 56 y/o and I've have been doing CF for a year. I was getting ready to compete in October. I have been an athlete all my life and have destroyed my knees. I was told by my ortho. that I needed them replaced. I chose to wait and opted for Supartz injections, (2 rounds), which did not help. The pain is no longer tolerable and it's starting to effect my left hip. I'm have rescheduled the surgery for 10/31. When I rehab I will obviously be aggressive without over doing it. Get the ROM back and start slow. I am looking for advice from a CFer who has gone through the procedure and is competing or someone who has knowledge about my dilemma. The unknown is what bothers me. Can I compete? Can I lift heavy, within reason? If I can just get on the board with the heavy movements I'm hoping I can make it up with the met cons and the technical movements. During the 6 week regioal qualifier I did 11.1 and 11.4 and was in the lower top 20 in my age division. HELP!
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Brent Sallee
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Re: I Need Advise On Competing After Knee Replacements

To be perfectly honest, you won't find a healthcare professional that will recommend going back to intense weightlifting or competition after a total knee replacement. That's because they don't regenerate - the plastic and synthetic components of the knee replacement break down with increased weightbearing and use. Unlike biological knees which repair themselves, knee replacements only degenerate. It would be in a conflict of interest for you to pursue competing in CF after the total knee replacements. At best, knee replacements tend to last 15 years. I've seen them wear out as quick as 3 or 4 with people who didn't quite understand the biology behind it. After that, you need to get another replacement, which may be possible, but if you wear that out in another 4 years, it's very hard to get a 3rd or 4th one due to the bone integrity, debris, etc. At this stage of the game, you should worry about staying active and think about the rest of your life. No one has to go through the surgery and recovery but you. If you end up getting a knee fusion, you're the one that has to live with it sadly and it's not pretty.
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Greg Griffith
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Re: I Need Advise On Competing After Knee Replacements


I had a TKR 5 months ago. And next year I will have my other knee replaced. I know that you can go back to CF and not damage the prosthesis. I have discussed this pretty thoroughly with my ortho. According to what I understand from him is that heavy weights could be problem but high numbers of repetitions will likely not be much of a problem.

I was back in the box about 1 month after the surgery, of course I was very careful and did not weight up very much and no impact or jumping type movements.

My weights are slowly growing heavier but I keep relatively light. And I don't run anymore but I can do a lot of C2 rowing.

Not sure about competition yet, but I am going to try our local Boxtoberfest because we have a scaled division.

I searched this forum for anyone who had personal experience with a TKR and found no one.

I have tried to be very careful and I think I have been. I don't want to wear any components out prematurely. But I don't think I could completely give up CF.

If you would find it helpful, I would be happy to share more info by PM.

By the way, my knee feels great now. And it is still improving.

Best of luck. But a lot of the recovery is just plain old work.
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