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Exercises Movements, technique & proper execution

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Old 02-18-2003, 09:53 PM   #1
brian smith
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Hi everyone,

I am still new to this and I don't have any boxes to use for the box jumps. Any ideas on what I can use as a substitute? The only equipment I have are an olympic weight set dumbells jump rope running shoes and a pull-up ledge.


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Old 02-19-2003, 09:25 AM   #2
David Wood
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Essentially, you need to jump up to, and down off of, any sturdy surface. Whatever it is, it needs to be strong enough, and sturdy enough, to withstand your body weight coming up and down off of it.

As I understand it, landing on the top in a full stop is optional . . . but at the "ground" end of the jump, you should explode back up as fast as possible, trying to minimize the amount of ground contact time.

I don't have a "box", but stuff I've used includes:

(a) stairs . . . just go for the second step . . . that's probably 18" for most normal stairwells. This may involve a little bit of "forward" travel (to reach over the first step and land on the second) as well as the "vertical" component, but I doubt that this does any harm.

(b) flat bench in the weight room . . . probably 18" - 22" high (if it's typical). Just make sure that its base is wide enough to be stable . . . when you jump up to it, you'll probably have a minor horizontal vector in your landing, which will tip over a bench with a too-narrow base. Also make sure that other people (weightlifters, staff) won't get freaked out by your "damaging the equipment"

(c) Use those "step aerobic" things they have at most health clubs . . . . just stack 'em up until you get the height you desire. These are usually very stable. Again, you'll probably upset the staff, but they really have no (legitimate) complaint . . . jumping up and down on those are EXACTLY what they're intended for.

(d) outside . . . use park benches. Most are made very strong (around here, they're concrete). Usually higher than you want, however . . . more like 24" high.

As an alternative to box jumps entirely . . . do lateral jumps OVER the flat bench in the gym (i.e., stand on one side of the bench, jump sideways over the bench, lifting the legs up as you go . . . touch down on the other side and explode back to the first side immediately . . . the image that works for me is that of skiing down a very severe mogul hill (think Gunbarrel at Heavenly Valley)).

This never fails to fry my legs after about 12 jumps side-to-side. Repeated sets will finish me off entirely.

The nice thing about this is that they can't complain about abusing the equipment, since I'm literally never touching it.

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