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Nutrition Diet, supplements, weightloss, health & longevity

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Douglas Perkins
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Re: Paleo Diet

I'm not really worried about the omega 3 & 6 thing... Someone at my gym suggested that might be a possible cause of my migraines. I've had exercise induced migraines before (very sporadically... like one or two a year) but could usually attribute them to something I did the night before or that day. The problem lately is they've happened at every workout and I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong w/ Paleo because I didn't get them before changing my diet.
It's probably NOT your diet. I suspect an upper cervical-misalignment. I've had this before, too. A small bone holds the skull in place atop the C1 vertebrae, called the atlas. It's a very common upper cervical misalignment (more of a jamming actually) that impairs the nerve flow and circulation to the brain. This kind of misalignment is called an "atlas-wedge", and a simple chiropractic adjustment can release it. Used to get wicked wedges from boxing (whiplash)... there's not really anything you can do on your own, but a good pop from the hands of skilled chiropractor can do a world of good.
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Tom Jones Jr
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Re: Paleo Diet

Originally Posted by Douglas Perkins View Post
I realize I have only been on it a short time and it takes a few weeks to an indeterminate amount of time for the body to adapt. I have been planning my meals and shopping accordingly, however, I just find it hard to fill the gaps in calories with meat alone. I also have made some nut butter with coconut oil (great stuff). I am eating a lot of fruit. I am just hungry all the time (which is nothing new really) and losing muscle. My go-to foods used to be oatmeal, brown rice, and potatoes. I am happy to let those foods go, I think I just need to find new go-to foods that are allowed on the diet such as squash and celeriac and maybe some that aren't (sweet potatoes). I also love buckwheat pancakes, can't let those go. So, I intend to bend the diet somewhat (I feel I must) but I just was wondering what everyone's thoughts were. Do you think bending the diet and eating certain non-paleo foods SPARINGLY will throw the diet? Is there a protocol anyone else uses to do this properly? How about the Paleo-Diet for athletes?

A fat such as shredded coconut has just as much caloric content as some starchy thing. Whereas before you would eat rice, replace with an avocado. You are not eating 'meat alone'.

3 eggs, handful of turkey, handful of cashews, 50g shredded coconut is about 900 calories. And this is just for breakfast. Not as hard as all that. Price wise yes, it will be expensive, but eating grass-fed meat is a price worth paying.

Yeah sure, bend the diet, eat a buckwheat pancake or three every week, it ain't gonna hinder you, it's probably less than a thousand calories out of what, 21,000 cals in a week? You have to eat the things you enjoy eating and not feel guilty(make it the exception not the norm)
-Be Regular and orderley in your life so that you may be violent and original in your work.
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