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Starting For newcomers to the CrossFit methodology

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Old 04-03-2008, 03:38 PM   #21
Laura Rucker
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Re: Convince Parents

Hi, I'd like to mention the site, no one has mentioned probably thinking, it's for young kids, but two of Brand X's young men are just a little older than you are, and they are top performers in all the ways you can think of in CF.

CF Kids posts a Workout of the Day, just like the main site does and scales it.

Have your Mom look over the site and get the free issue of CF Kids magazine. Jeff and Mikki Martin are the parent of Connor, Keegan and Duncan and they're kids have done GREAT on CrossFit.

You definitely will want trainer supervision to make sure you do not over do the weights. I'm am NO expert at all, but Jeff and Mikki have extensive experience. Have your mom and dad email them. There is a thread here on the forum, about kids and weightlifting, it has a lot of good information.

Again, I wanted to make sure you are aware of that great resource. Even if you can't join and affiliate, you can email videos and get advice from Trainers that are certified for training young people.

Good luck!
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Old 04-04-2008, 05:33 AM   #22
David Gessen
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Re: Convince Parents

Originally Posted by Jacob Rumschik View Post
Alright, i'e made a little bit of progress. I've got my parents at least a little bit interested. They've agreed to at least take me to my closest affiliate, CrossFit Troy, about half an hour away. But the only thing is that they aren't so hot on letting me actually go and train at the affiliate b/c they think it would be too far away, too expensive for me to pay for,about $60/month. I'm in the process of looking for a job so i think the membership problem would be over.

For me, its about balancing it between fitness and weight loss. After high school i won't play football anymore b/c im just not that interested anymore, prob thinking of MMA. As for the thighs, i just want to have correct proportion and weight, so it doesn't look like i'm bottom heavy. And they want me to be fit and happy, but they don't want this to turn out to be another one of those programs that either won't work or i won't stick to.
60$ per month? tell your parents that I(not my parents) pay 230 for a month,
and I live 40 miles away from war.
Search "Ashdod, Israel" in google earth and measure the distance between my city and Gaza strip.
I wish I had your problems
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Old 04-05-2008, 08:40 PM   #23
Bobby Nauss
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Re: Convince Parents

Don't worry about having big legs. I have been that way my entire life. The only problem I run into is buying pants. Even that isn't a big deal, just takes longer in the store....and I have to wear a belt at all times. I'm not sure if I look proportionate, but I don't look like a freak either. I have about a 34 inch waist, and about 31 inch legs. Don't sweat it...just gotta do more pullups so you can move your own weight around!!!!!!!

Good luck with your parents. Just do your best to be reasonable with them, and don't get frustrated. They only want what is best for you.
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Old 04-07-2008, 11:36 AM   #24
Gary Maholm
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Re: Convince Parents

well at least you are making some progress. If i had started when i was your age id be a SAVAGE!!!!

My advice is, find an affiliate, which i think you have done. Get your dad to go with you and PARTICIPATE in a couple free/trial sessions. Then when he sees its legit as well as fun maybe he will get motivated also. Then it will be no time before you can talk him into investing in your home gym (search garage gym) which would be cheaper and maybe even get you and your dad to spend a little quality time together (not implying that you dont now).

Then you can visit your affiliate for critique. advice, good workouts and still keep a reasonable budget doing the bulk of work at home.

Also, let them watch some of the videos of coach discussing the methods and some of the WOD videos of the model crossfiitters. Those things speak volumes in just a few minutes.

good luck.
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