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Starting For newcomers to the CrossFit methodology

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Old 01-22-2008, 10:21 AM   #1
Chuck Haggard
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A couple of questions

Hello, new to the site.
I jacked myself up last year doing a bunch of hill running over the summer (trying to get the 2 mile time down on my SWAT team PT test) and have ended up fighting with anterior compartment syndrome, which has led to an off and on lack of working out, especially running.
I don't have the ability right now to run more than 1 to 1 1/2 miles before I have serious issues, sprints and such are just fine though.
FWIW, I'm 43yoa, 6'2" and 261lbs the last time I went to the Doc.

Several of the guys I work with swear by the CF site, and they are all animals cardio wise so I started to check it out. By now I've read everything I can access on the site and have bought a subscription, bought the Zone book a few days ago.

I'm wanting to start with the 'A Beginner's Routine' that I found posted on the site, from May '03, to start getting back in shape, I think at this point the WOD would crush me as I'm so fat and out of shape.

I wouldn't ask, but I haven't found the answers to the following anywhere on the site, after diligent searching.

1. On the deadlifts and push press, where does one start with weight? The reps start at 15,12,9,,, a weight with which I can complete those reps and sets with good form?

2. What is the rest interval between sets on these exercises? 15, how long?, 12, etc.? If it's what my fitness level allows then I assume that down the road I should be cutting back on the rest interval to up the intensity?

3. 400m runs on the Tue/Thu days,,,, jog speed?,, balls to the wall? Not sure where to start. I assume a bit of jogging to warm up?

4. Squats. No weights noted, so I assume from other reading that in this work-out these are air squats, but I hate to assume.

5. Later there is a mix of exercise, such as squat 24, run 400m. Does this mean get done with 24 squats, and then as fast as you can get to the running part you start running????

6. I assume the "official" CF warm-up is recommended. My problem starting will be that I'm at 10-12 pull-ups first set and I'm done, I'll get maybe 4-5 per set after that. Sucks that the listed warm-up will actually be a work-out for me starting out.

Sorry for all the newbie questions. After 35 years of weight lifting and running I suddenly feel stupid about working out all over again.
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Old 01-22-2008, 11:22 AM   #2
Brian Bedell
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Re: A couple of questions

I am pretty new here too, about 6 weeks, but maybe I can answer your questions so that none of the older guys have to! (older in CF years that is!)

1. Form and Range of Motion (ROM) should be your number one priority. Otherwise, use your best judgment on scaling the weight down. If I've never done an exercise before I might even use just the bar the first time, for example OHS. The "rule" I use is that if I have to stop more then twice within a set of 21, or whatever, then the weight is too much. For example, on a set of 21 thrusters for time in Fran, the prescribed is 95 lbs. When I started I could only do like 7 in a row, then some breaths, then maybe 4, then 3. I want my set to have only 3 subsets, not look like 5/4/4/3/3/2 is 21! Eventually I will get to 21 thrusters in a row at Rxd. That's how I do it. Start lower then you think, and move up.

2. As fran as an example again, I think it's 21-15-9, they should be done as fast as possible, or "for time." Obviously, you will need rest, lots of it, in the beginning. I often think that they should say "for time...without passing out!"

3. I don't have your beginner workout in front of me, but I would assume they mean 400m as fast as possible. You should always do the cfwu first, and any add'l wod specific warmup you think necessary.

4. If no weight mentioned, then it is air squats. Unless, it say like 1-1-1-1, etc. Then that is sets of 1rm with typically 2-5 minutes rest. At least that seems to be the consensus. I rest 1 min on those b/c I want to lose weight.

5. yes

6. JOIN THE CLUB! Everone feels that way when they start. Do jumping pullups to complete the last sets, or do 8 the first set if that will help you do 3 sets of 8. I don't think you need to go to failure on the cfwu, it's a warmup. You will get better at the warmup quickly. And obviously, if the wod you are doing is pullup centric, cut way down on the pullups in the cfwu!

Hope this helps, and i hope I did not screw up the answers too much!
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Old 01-22-2008, 11:22 AM   #3
Reto Corfu
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Re: A couple of questions


others might give some better answers...

1. dunno
2. 15/12/9 programs are typically aimed at metcon, so trying for best time & minimizing rest is what's required.
3. most workouts don't include a warmup, so you should be fully warmed up then run the 400m as fast as possible. no jogging.
4. if not otherwise stated, all squats are air squats
5. yep, again going for best time
6. scale back on the warmup if needed - you shouldn't be killing yourself so that your performance in the workout is compromised, but should do enough work to get fully warm & sweating a bit
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