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Nutrition Diet, supplements, weightloss, health & longevity

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Old 05-11-2006, 09:18 PM   #1
Johan Nederhof
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I started last weekend on my 'quest'to introduce the Zone way of eating to my life. I want to chare my strating problems with you and at the same time invite all who are more knowledgeble than me (just about everyone) to add their thoughts.

There are 2 reasons why I started last weekend. First,My book, Enter the Zone, arrived by mailorder and second, right now I work 7 nightshifts and afterwards I have 1 week of. That gives me 2 weeks to get into the zonegroove before the regular workshifts start.

Day 1, Sunday 7 may:
breakfast: 1 croissant with a little butter, jam nad some white chocolate (I know not a very good zone start but NICE!)
Next, 3 blocks of fat free cottage cheese, 3 cooked eggs, 1 orange

Lunch: 2 slices of bread, 3 cooked eggs, 2 blocks cottage cheese, 1 orange

Snack: a piece of cheese ca 100 gr

We went to my brothers and had dinner there. They had spagetti. I went to the locat chinese and had ca 400 gr of hot chicken and 600 gr of mixid vegetables

Day 2, monday 8 may
breakfast: shake
4 blocks of protienepowder, 1 apple, 3 blocks of 'brinta'(kind of oats but made of grains, I dave it to my neighbour, she was happy with it and I bought some quaker oats) and 4 blocks of oil (tarwekiemolie)

snack: 2 block cottage cheese, 1 apple, 6 almonds

200 gr mixed green salad with 2 tomatoes, 1 small can pineapple chunks (on own juice) 4 blocks tuna (from can), olive oil and lemon juice

snack: 2 blocks of orange juice with 2 blocks of protiene powder with some ice cubes.

Went to sleep from 18:00 to 22:00
breakfast shake, 4 blocks

Continiue with day 3, tuesday 9 may
snack: bread with meat and 2 glasses of cola light

night lunch:
4 blocks of chickenbreast, with an union, 2 blocks of broccoli, everything from the wok with an apple

ca 300 gr yoghurt and some peanutbutter

sleep from 08:00 until 12:15

Breakfast shake


post wod meal:
4 blocks cottage cheese, fruit and almonds

sleep 18:00-22:00
breakfast shake: 4 blocks of proteine powder, 1 mando, 1 orange, olive oil, water and ice cubes

Next instalment will be day 4

Happy healthy training,
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Old 05-12-2006, 10:57 AM   #2
Taha Mohamedali
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Kudos for starting out zoning with a schedule as challenging as yours!
how many blocks are you aiming for in each 24 hour period?
Your P/C ratios are looking good for most of your meals, I think you know what you're doing here. Focus on getting in your fat blocks at each meal - a bag of nuts comes in handy. Start on Fish oil if you haven't already in order to supply the raw materials for your new hormonoal modulation. The next thing on to do list would be to try to go as Paleo as possible via cutting out all grains and dairy - one thing at a time though!
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Old 05-12-2006, 03:42 PM   #3
Johan Nederhof
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Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Rotterdam  Holland
Posts: 190
Thank you for your input Taha.
According to the book I should be aiming for 17 blocks per day. So far it is only an aim. I finf it is hard for me to come to that exact number.
My supplements are with every breakfast: 1000 gr Vit C, 3 fish-oil capsules, 1 multi vit. I have, indeed, a bag of almonds and one with mixed nuts handy throughout the day.

Now for the next couple of day's:
Wednesday 10 may:
started with a piece of applepie. supplemeted it with chicken luncheon meat and milk so it wasn't all bad

Night lunch:
stirfried grind beef (4 blocks) with 2 blocks of kidney beans an 1 block of haricoverts and 1 block of rice.
about 1 hour later I started to collapse. This was not a good meal for me!
Took 600 grams of yoghurt with 2 blocks of almonds and I feld myself coming alive again.

went to sleep at 08:00 untill 12:30. Body weight waking up: 90,4 kg
WOD back squat
Breakfast shake 5 blocks

snack: 2 blocks of cottage cheese, 1 block of strawberries, 1 block of honey and 2 blocks of almonds.

Sleep from 18:00 until 22:00, bodyweight waking up: 90,3 kg

22:15: Breakfastshake: 5 blocks

Thursday 11 may:

special treat 1 big cookie, added 1/2 mackeral (3 blocks), 1 apple and 1 kiwi

05:00 night lunch:
fish (I don't know with kind so I just weighted it) 3 blocks, 2 blocks of carrots, 1 yellow bell pepper and some alfalfa.

06:45 Snack: 1/2 ltr of yoghurt (2 blocks) with almonds

Sleep from 08:00 untill 11:45

WOD Isabelle

13:00 breakfast: 4 blocks of cottage cheese, melone and peanutbutter (nice combo)

16:30 snack: 1 slice of bread with tunasalad and a piece of cheese total 2 blocks (?)

sleep from 18:00 untill 22:00, bodyweight waking up 90,1 kg

breakfastshake: 5 blocks, protien powder, mango, orange, kiwi, icecubes, water, oil and supplements

Now for today friday 12 may

01:30 meal 1: 1/2 mackerel with 1 1/2 apple is total 3 blocks

04:30 meal 2: chikcen, cauliflower and an apple, total 3 blocks

sleep from 07:45 untill 11:15, bodyweight 90,0 kg

WOD today: rest, recuparation used tubetrainer for my shoulders

13:00 Breakfast shake 4 blocks

went to the dentist, 1 hole filled up.

16:30 snack: 2 blocks of greek yoghurt, super!

sleep from 18:45 untill 22:00, bodyweight waking up: 89,8 kg

breakfst: 2 eggs, 1 block=250 gr strwberries, idem white grapes, 2 blocks of greek yoghurt for a total of 4 blocks

next instalment tomorrow. Again all input welcome:kiss:
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Old 05-13-2006, 03:55 PM   #4
Johan Nederhof
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Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Rotterdam  Holland
Posts: 190
Saturday 13 may:
03:00 night lunch:
sauerkraut mash with chicken, aprox 3 blocks
Got tired quickly so this is not a meal to repeat.

06:30 snack: 3 eggs, 1 1/2 apple, 9 almonds = 3 blocks

sleep from 08:20 untill 11:15, bw 90,2 kg

sub wod because of shoulderproblems

breakfast shake 4 blocks

15:00 snack/extra meal: 1/2 ltr yoghurt = with natural peanutbutter= 4 blocks

sleep: 18:45 untill 22:00
22:10 breakfast: 1 cup of cooked oats, fortified with 2 blocks of proteinpowder and 2 tsp jam, mixed nuts = total 3 blocks

only 2 more nightshifts to go

happy healthy eating, Johan
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Old 05-14-2006, 03:36 PM   #5
Johan Nederhof
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Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Rotterdam  Holland
Posts: 190
Sunday 13 may
03:00 night lunch:
2 cakes
4 block chicken filet, 1 red bell pepper, 2 block carrots, 1 block grapes and olive oil

04:10 piece of goats cheese

round 05:00 I started to get grumpy and tired, I thought it was because I did not drink enough water so I did correct that, but it did not help. I just got more tired. Later, when I got home at about 07:10, I ate some yoghurt and felt myself feeling better by the minute. Conclusion, this nights meal is not to be repeated! Way too much simple sugars.

sleep from 08:00 until 13:00

Yoga and WOD, run 5K, came close to PR

14:30 Breakfast:
4 blocks of cottage cheese, 1 block of strawberries, 3 blocks of raisens, 4 blocks of natural peanutbutter = 4 block total

Today is mothersday so we went to my wife's and mine, did not eat, only drank some pepsi light and water

Sleep from 18:45 untill 22:00
breakfast: 1 cup milk-cooked oats, 2 eggs and 9 almonds. supple fishoil and vit C + multi = 3 blocks total

Last nightshift of 7. I feel it's harder this time. It might be because I've started the Zone or ?

Have fun, eat well,
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