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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Adam Strome
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Frustrating Hamstring(?) Injury

Well I come here because the doctor I went to was basically useless. Here's the story,

I competed in a 600 mile adventure race last august as some might remeber and even though we never finished the entire course I was left with a parting gift in the form of what I feel to be a hamstring injury. Ever since that race, I've been getting mild to moderate pain from the one tendon in my right knee. When you look at the back of your knee (when your contracting you leg muscles) you'll see the two prominent tendons, the outermost one is the one giving me the issue.

The pain is constant when I'm doing a squat or when that particular tendon is being used and it feels like its being over-tensioned (so not a sharp pain). I went to the doc to have x-rays (which ruled out any knee joint issues, and I felt that wasnt the issue to begin with) and then had an MRI done. After the MRI was done I went back for a follow up with the same doc and all he'd tell me was it's not a joint issue, well thanks genius.

Does anyone have any ideas to what the issue might be and what can be done about it. I rested the knee for 4 months (I mean rested, iced it, massages, you name it) after the race and that didn't help at all. Now it's been 7 months, theres been no improvement and I'm completely out of ideas
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Steven Low
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Re: Frustrating Hamstring(?) Injury

Sounds like some semitendinosis tendonitis.

Heat up your hamstrings, then get some deep tissue massage in them, and then stretch those suckers out.

In most cases, culprit for a lot of tendonitis cases tends to be that the affected tendon has the muscle that is way too tight and/or gummed up with scar tissue that contraction pulls on everything. Like with medial and lateral epicondylitis.

You have tight hamstrings, yes?

Any other orthopedic problems such as flat feet or biomechanical issues like collapsing knees/valgus tracking?
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