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Nutrition Diet, supplements, weightloss, health & longevity

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Dave Matteson
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Newest fish oil study

Thought you all would be interested in this recent, well-done study on the effects of fish oil. Here's the basic summary with reference at bottom:

Effects of Fish Oil on Cardiac Arrhythmias and Death

Fish oil supplementation lowers risk for cardiac death but not for all-cause mortality.

Higher intake of fish oil is associated with lower risk for adverse cardiac events. In this meta-analysis of 12 randomized trials that involved nearly 33,000 patients (maximum follow-up, 60 months), investigators evaluated the effects of fish oil supplements (containing the omega-3 fatty acids eicosapentanoic acid [EPA] and docosahexanoic acid [DHA]) on cardiac arrhythmias and mortality; some trials did not contribute data to every endpoint. Notable results were as follows:

Among patients with implantable cardiac defibrillators, fish oil did not lower risk for appropriate ICD shocks.
Among all patients, fish oil did not lower risk for sudden cardiac death.
Among all patients, fish oil did not lower risk for all-cause death.
Among all patients, fish oil significantly lowered risk for death from cardiac causes (by 20%).
Among patients with known coronary artery disease, fish oil significantly lowered risk for sudden cardiac death (by 26%) and for death from cardiac causes (by 20%).
Comment: These results support the American Heart Association’s recommendation that patients with CAD consume about 1 g of fish oil daily (Circulation 2002; 106:2747). The results do not support recommending fish oil to patients without CAD; the role of fish oil for patients at risk for CAD remains uncertain. As noted by the meta-analysis authors, EPA and DHA each have different properties, and the ideal formulation of EPA and DHA in a fish oil supplement is unclear.

León H et al. Effect of fish oil on arrhythmias and mortality: Systematic review. BMJ 2008 Dec 23; 338:a2931.
My medically-related posts are not medical advice or treatment. Always consult your physician for that information.
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Noah Martin
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Re: Newest fish oil study

Fish Oil seems to make me feel good.

I have yet to decide however if it's worth paying the extra for the pharm grad stuff thats been certified that way with International Fish Oil Standard's
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Kurt A Gross
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Re: Newest fish oil study

Originally Posted by Noah Martin View Post
Fish Oil seems to make me feel good.
This is just anecdotal, but many years ago, before I knew anything about EFAs, and I just ate whatever (although I was bodybuilding, and ate lots of protein). I noticed that about 3 hours after eating a large meal of sushi and or salmon, I felt like I could run 50 miles an hour and lift a car (horny too!!). I physically felt like I was on drugs. Looking back, I get the feeling I was deficient in O-3 fats or something in the fish. Now that I take fish oil, I feel no change after sushi or salmon meals, since I'm probably getting enough of these regularly. I feel good all the time now (horny too, and I'm 40!!).
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