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Workout of the Day Questions & performance regarding CrossFit's WOD

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Old 05-15-2010, 09:01 PM   #1
Gil Butler
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Evolution Story WOD? Based on a True Story.

Ever wish your WOD had a little more back story to it? How's this sound?

Evolution WOD

You are a chimpanzee with a near future of becoming a human! Since you are not a biped yet, your only way of walking around is “bear crawling.” It is time to hunt for some food. About 205 feet off in the distance you see a delicious looking animal that you would love to devour. No insects for this chimp. You crawl up to the vantage point and desperately take a leap towards it. You miss, so you take another leap. Unfortunately you aren’t the best leaper and have to leap at the animal a total of 10 times before you get him. Finally, your dinner is caught. Turns out the protein and fat from the meal sparked the ignition to evolution. Congratulations, you are now a bipedal! However your first few attempts to stand up are quite hard from not being used to the gravity. It ultimately takes you 20 tries to stand.

All this evolving has sure worked up an appetite for you. The deer 200 meters off in the distance is the only animal left in the area and if you can’t catch it, you are done for. You grab your black 10 pound spear and sprint off towards it remembering a jog won’t be good enough. As you get behind it you leap towards it but miss, landing on your hands. Now the animal is coming towards you. Better get up quick! As soon as you stand up it rams into you, knocking you on your butt. It ends up taking 20 tries for you to sit back up. Finally you are up just in time to jump up to avoid another attack. As it tries to bite your legs, the only safe place is holding them up towards the branch you are grabbing. Finally he is tired and with another leap you successfully tackle it. Now grab something heavy and kill it! Look next to you, there’s a 12/20 pound stone! After throwing the stone at the deer’s head 40 times, he’s finally out.

With no time to waste before the rest of the herd comes to its rescue, you must take the meat and run. You quickly grab the heavy meat but drop it. It takes 20 tries to finally grasp it. With the meat you run to a safe camp 400 meters away. Unfortunately it will take 2 trips to gather all the meat you need. Wouldn’t you just love some root vegetables to go with your meat? You tug on and high pull up 20 roots. With all this food you are ready to explore the world. There’s an island 500 meters off in the distance and the only way to get there is by boat! You arrive to the new world but oops, you discovered agriculture, now it’s time to rest on the floor sick and tired.

200ft Bear Crawl
10 Broad Jumps w/ 50ft bear crawl between each rep (start and end in bear crawl)
20 Deadlift (Your own body weight)

200m Sprint w/ black bar or dowel
1 Broad jump to burpee
20 sit ups to standing position each time
10 Toe to bar
1 Broad jump to burpee
40 D-ball slams

20 med ball cleans
400m run w/ med ball
20 med ball cleans
400m run w/ med ball
20 Sumo-deadlift high pull
500m row
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Old 05-23-2010, 06:12 PM   #2
Yahya Kohgadai
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Re: Evolution Story WOD? Based on a True Story.

This is freakin awesome

Just the read in itself makes a good case for the functionality of crossfit.

Nice ending too!
34/m - 5'8" - 170lbs - 18%bf
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Old 05-23-2010, 07:33 PM   #3
Arturo Garcia
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Re: Evolution Story WOD? Based on a True Story.

What an entertaining read!!!
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