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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Old 04-19-2007, 11:21 AM   #1
Mike Groth
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I have had some shoulder issues in the past...I injured it in High School playing baseball. I never went to the doctor (I know it was stupid) and just played the rest of the season in pain w/o telling anyone because I didnt want to sit out.

After that year I never really had much problems with it. The only time I would experience pain would be when I was lifting and only during certain excersizes like upward rows when I would get towards the end of my range of motion. My fix for that: Dont go through the whole range of motion.

Now, I just started learning the olympic lifts and after a day of just working on form doing hang snatch my shoulder is killing me. Does anyone have any suggestions? Right now Im just icing it and taking some pain meds. I hate going to doctors but should i just suck it up and get it checked out?

Sorry for the long winded post and thanks in advance for any input.
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Old 04-19-2007, 11:46 AM   #2
Richard Meller
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I have the same issues and started using Indian clubs yesterday which are supposed to help. I will let you know how they work.
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Old 04-20-2007, 02:43 AM   #3
Cal Jones
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I have the same problem with upright rows. Using a wider grip helps a bit - I can do cleans holding the bar at shoulder width or a bit wider, but narrow upright rows are out of the question as I damaged my rotator cuff and don't have a full range of motion now.
Basically, use a light weight, even a broomstick, until you get the technique down. Try and get instruction if you can to make sure you're doing it right. I'm new to the Oly lifts too and I know the temptation to try and do the prescribed weights in the WOD - but use your brain rather than your ego when you lift.
Too much ego was how I messed up my rotator cuff in the first place, as I was always determined to max my bench press every time I did the exercise. That was 16 years ago and it still bothers me now, so it's just not worth it.
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Old 04-20-2007, 03:31 PM   #4
Robert Taylor
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I've lifted since I was 13, hit way too heavy weights at way too young an age, (400+ bench at 16, 1st shoulder injury at 17.) I had repeated shoulder separations in HS and college playing football. Always sucked it up and played. I had pain and discomfort of varying degrees for 30 years (I'm now 48). I kept writing it off and always worked around it until I got to where I couldn't sleep at night. Tuesday I will be having surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff as well as a subluxed and torn biceps tendon. Hindsight is always 20/20 but I wish I had seen a doctor sooner.
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Old 04-23-2007, 10:46 AM   #5
Rick Ihrie
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Robert - I too have rotator cuff tear and a sub luxing bicep tendon. Similarly, have been avoiding surgery... if you'd care to share, I'd be interested to hear more about how your surgery/recovery goes.
I tried rehab, and that was useless, so I'm afraid I may have to go under the knife soon - really limited ROM, trouble sleeping etc.
Thanks, Rick
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Old 04-23-2007, 11:26 AM   #6
Mark Zacher
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Hey Guys,

I too have a pooched Rt Shldr with limited ROM from sports. I was turned on to a DVD called Inside & Out designed for treating ROM in the upper thoratic (sp?) area reslting in increasing ROM for the shoulder guirdle area.

Just started it and seems to be hitting the area (little discomfort) but thats the stretching going on....

If you want more info let me know...

On the scarry side a pal of mine had 8 shoulder surgeries so I am trying everything not to follow that route!

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Old 04-23-2007, 12:46 PM   #7
Corey Duvall
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Many problems with the shoulders are actually due to the surrounding musculature, and not all require surgery. I suggest finding a chiropractor or physical therapist who specializes in soft tissue treatment with methods like Active Release or Graston ( or With their websites you can find a provider in your area. They have helped many of my friends and family members with shoulder issues and other injuries. I hope this helps.
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Old 04-23-2007, 09:35 PM   #8
Ron Haskins
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I am also a FF and went through years of the therapy etc. until having surgery 8 weeks ago. Things are looking up and it already feels better/works better than pre-surgery. But, all surgeries & injuries are not created equal.
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Old 04-28-2007, 07:24 AM   #9
Robert Taylor
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Location: Santa Clarita  CA
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The surgery went well. I am three days postop and to tell you the truth the shoulder feels better now and than it did after completing a workout preop. I have minimal pain and have been off pain meds for more than a day already. I am doing prescribed ROM exercises with no trouble. I am currently wearing a sling most of the time. Gotta sleep in a chair. Other than that I am doing pretty well. I can ride my exercise bike and do single arm work on the offside so it’s onward and upward from here.
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Old 04-28-2007, 03:12 PM   #10
Janine Daigle
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I had 5 shoulder dislocations in the past. The first 4, I took a little rest/ice, and some shoulder exercise, but ignored the real problem and went straight back to my activities/sports/training. To pay the price, this 5th and last incident tore my labrum and bicep tendon, forcing me to stop. i have been doing rehab exercise the past few months, and waiting for a surgery in June, with another 3+ months rehab.

I could agree with Mark's advice and follow 'inside & out' dvd- (which is great btw). But it might not necessarily fix the problem. I'll explain....

Even with my past shoulder injuries.. I kept doing the cleans, pushups and ohs, etc. And felt great doing them. But over the years and injuries, I've been unconsciously overcompensating and using the wrong muscles to execute every movement. So if i would follow I&O DVD right now, it wouldn't be effective nor correcting the source of the problem...since my body is so accustom to moving the 'wrong way'.

So...yes, suck it up, and consult a GREAT physio therapist (the kind that finds the CAUSE of the problem- not the one that treats the pain). Better fixing the problem now (if there is one) rather than living with the "i shoulda.." (cause believe me, this rehab stuff is frustrating- tough breaking through old habits)

sorry for the long post...I needed a little ranting :-)
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