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Nutrition Diet, supplements, weightloss, health & longevity

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Frederic Giraud
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Hi everyone

I'm really eager to start my crossfit-style training and in order to really optimize the training, I know how much the diet is important.

I suffer from the Chron's disease, and I have been reading A LOT on the Zone and the paleo kind of diet.

And let me tell you guys one thing, I'm scared =[

The thing is that with this stupid Chron's disease,I've been avoiding so much fruits and veggies in general due to their high level of fiber, wich makes my intestine have an hard time.
I do try to eat some specific fruits and veggies from time to time , but more fruits than veggies since veggies tend to have more fiber.

I'm a big fan of rice, it's like a miracle food for me. I drink milk made from rice, I eat chicken and white rice religiously. Apparently, I should get rid of the rice part with either the Zone or paleo diet.

I'm really concerned about all this and I will be talking about it to the doctor who has been following me for the past years. But i taught that perhaps some of you guys would have any output to give me.

My current diet is the following:
-On training days(5days a week)
6:00AM-a little coffee when i wake up, then I head to the gym with an 1.5 liters bottle of water that I drink a bit before and while doing my routine work out. Work out more or less consist of 30min of cardio and 30min of bodybuilding
-right after my training I take a protein shake : Optimum 100% Whey Protein Gold standart which delivers to my body the follwing:
130 calories
1.5g total fat (.5g saturated)
30mg of cholesterol
100mg of sodium
4g of total carbohydrate (1g sugar)
24g of protein

9:00AM-When i get to work, I take my breakfast:
Either consist to a bowl of cereal ( Kellog vectors) or an egg sandwich with cheese, tomato and salad. With 3 all natural oatmeal chip cookies.

12:00PM-Snack time, usually consist of 3 to 4 fruits with another 3 Cookies.

3:00PM- Lunch time - Varies a lot but I pretty much try to eat a meat with some white rice ( most of the times its chicken)

6:00PM - I try to take a little snack but i often skip it

7:30PM - Dinner - varies a lot, again I usually try to combine a serving of meat with either white rice or some pasta.

-On resting days:
I almost last (i think its the proper term) for those days. I can easily not eat, or so few for a long period of time. The less I eat the better I feel, intestinally speaking. Of course at a moment of the day I try to take a solid meal, with good proportion of protein and carbs ( mainly rice =[ )
I drink a TON of water. Sometimes I also try to eat something like 2-3 fruits in the middle of the day to get some energy out of that sugar. On resting days I usually try to swim for a little 1.5km or do a 30min cardio session.

-I usually allow myself one "cheating" day a week, even tho I still have to watch what I eat due to my disease, usually on saturday or half friday half saturday, where I eat more or less badly . I think, and have read, that in the long run it won't and should't have much of a bad impact. It's all about consistency they say.

I'm sorry for the wall of text, but in other threads I seen people asking for as much as possible information, in order to give the best advices.

So if anyone of you would have any tips on how I could try to migrate towards a Zone or paleo diet, taking into account that Stupid Chron's disease, I would be forever thank full, since I'm taking a new path in my life, an even more healthy path.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry for the double post =[ If someone could delete the previous one, I'll eventualy contact an mod.

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Old 08-10-2007, 09:55 AM   #2
Kevin McMillan
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hey mate, something like C&C and getting diet advice should stick to the docs office. go talk to them and yur nutritionist. thats the healthiest path you can take for yourself!
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