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Shawn M Wilson
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JumpNRope Jump rope Rewiew


About a month ago I reviewed my new Rogue SR-2 Jump rope.

A few days later I received an offer from Molly Metz who works/runs JumpNRope ( ) to test out a few of their ropes and write a review about them. On a side note Molly is well known for her ability to Jump Rope (something about a 5-time world Champion.. ) I accepted and below is my review of the 3 ropes they sent me. I used these 3 ropes for 3 weeks and had my fellow coaches at the box use them, as well as a few clients/members.

On a side note I own the SR-1, SR-2, and 3 other jump ropes from other sites, so my comparison is between them, and some other brands the coaches at our box owns (ie cyclone/etc)

I received a
Speed Rope (
Trainer Rope (
Beaded Rope (

First off when I received the package I enjoyed how each one arrives. They are sealed in a large zip lock bag and comes with 'extra' parts to help fix the ends of your rope should the need arise.

The Speed Rope (R1) came with an extra length of wire for when it needs to be replaced, and I was also sent an uncoated steel speed rope. Again extra parts for fixing the rope to the handles were sent. The handles are the right size for my hands 4.5" in length (not large, not small), light and spin very well. One of the greatest things about this rope is the mechanism which does all the work on top. This thing spins very well in comparison to some of the other ropes I've owned.

Because each person holds the handle differently in relationship to their body I found that if you hold the handles at an angle (see crude drawing below) when doing DU then these help to prevent the 'wobble' many people experience when jumping rope. We all known the feel we get on our wrists when the rope seems to get out of control.

\ ----- / vs _ ---- _

The spinning device on the handles worked well to stop this. I found myself not having to fight this effect when doing DU as often (especially when we get tired and our form/wrists get sloppy).

The R1 is a nice rope for anyone of any level. Fellow coaches used it and quickly found their rhythm with it. One coach who shall remain nameless even tried to 'borrow' it for a WOD

The R1 has actually replaced the SR-2 that I bought from Rogue. While the SR-2 does spin a lot faster and longer than the Speed Rope, the weight of the handles of the R1 rope is much lighter, and they are easier on me when I did 20+ minutes of jump rope work in a day. The SR-2 also features a 'locked' in spinning device which penalizes people like myself who hold the handles at an angle. I get the 'worbles' a lot more often on the SR-2 vs the R1 because of how the rotates vs spins on the top of the handle. While I am not saying the SR-2 isn't a good rope, when I practiced with both, I found myself finding a better fit and performance in the R1 due to weight of handles and spin mechanism.

The Trainer Rope (R2) features the same handles as the R1 and a PVC cord that is flexible and heavier (and thus slower) than a speed cable rope. There is a nut system to hold the cable in place (easily cut the cable with scissors) or you can tie a knot with at the end of the cable. Seems to be made of the same quality of the R1 and is just a heavier cable for training.

The R2 is probably the only rope that I just couldn't get a feel for. The weight of the PVC cord never worked out for me. I could do a few DU here and there, but struggled with the weight and feel of the cord. That said one of the clients in the gym enjoyed it so much that I gave it to him. He actually saw good improvement with it and enjoyed using it. It wasn't too heavy or too light, but simply an in between weight that I struggled with. After coming from a light rope, it was harder to find a groove with a slightly different weight.

Again I am not saying that this rope isn't a good one. For a beginner I think it would work great (as it did with a member). When you have progressed to DU's and are doing 25+ I think our familiarity with "light" weight ropes makes it harder going back to this. Those who were less skilled in DU found it useful and helpful, those of us who have progressed to being able to do DU's prefer a lighter rope.

The Beaded Rope (R3) reminds me of the ropes we used in elementary school. That said, it functions a lot better than those ever did It comes with packets of "beads" in different colors so you can customize how your rope looks. It features a braided cord and setting it up is pretty simple. I found it easier to get the beads on if you slightly burn the end of the cord you will insert the beads on. Also measure the length of the rope that you desire and then put beads on it until about 1 foot is left on each side or more. Simply tie the rope into a small knot and then cut off excess to make it spin like a champ. Make sure you test the length a few times before cutting as once cut... well its cut

This rope actually surprised me. It is HEAVY and will build some serious burn in those shoulders. I think my best DU on this rope was 36 before I felt my shoulders crying. I would do singles on it and aim for either 1 minute straight or 100+ singles in a row. My worst WOD with it was 100 Singles, 1 min rest, 100 singles, (5 rounds). Shoulders were smoked after that.

For its weight it spins well, and holds up good. Is also the one rope I really didn't fear using on concrete. My "newbies" also found it helpful in building stamina for jump ropes. After working with this for a few days they saw good improvement in their DU when switching to a speed rope.

Overall I would have to say I was impressed with JumpNRopes jump ropes. I think they work well because they are designed by someone (Molly) who knows how a rope SHOULD work. All their handles have a 1 year warranty which I think is fair considering how much work a jump rope could see if used in a box.

I understand their progression system and I do agree that a new user could see some good results working first with the beaded rope, moving to the training rope and eventually to a speed rope. These last few weeks reminded me that the amount of practice I put in each week also helped me to improve my own skills because I was putting in practice. No rope will ever suddenly make you a "star" if you are not out there practicing with it.

I was given these ropes to review based on receiving them for free. That said, I would say everything I just wrote and not change anything, had I paid for it on my own.

They are good ropes. If you are like me and an "angle" holder and looking for a new rope, give them a try and I don't think you will be disappointed.

Price wise they fall within the normal range for a 'top end' rope. You can find a $10 rope out there.. and it works like a $10 rope (I have one, I don't use it). You can spend a little more, get a good rope with extra parts + cable and have something that will help you do what it is designed to do, jump rope really fast!

Thanks again to Molly ( and giving me the chance to use her ropes for free. If you have questions ask away and I'll gladly answer them!
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Joey Dussel
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Re: JumpNRope Jump rope Rewiew

I agree with most of what you say here. I met Molly at the CF Games and was so impressed with the JumpNRope Ropes that I bought several for my gym. The beaded ropes seem to be really great for people who are new to jump roping since they can "feel" the rope more than a thin speed rope.

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