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Nutrition Diet, supplements, weightloss, health & longevity

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Old 03-19-2006, 10:12 PM   #1
Aaron Fulkerson
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Hi, I'm Aaron and I've been focusing on burning fat. I've been running 5 miles a day for the past 2 weeks and eating pretty well but every once in a while I lose it. Like twice in the past two weeks. Once at a party (had steak, lots of garlic bread, two pieces of cake) and then another time I didn't do so horribly with some lobster, steak and creamed corn/spinach from a steakhouse. Do these seemingly minor setbacks make huge differences? I notice it's very difficult to actually lose the pounds but it seems very very easy to put them on. As far as my diet goes I wake up in the morning and take my supplements (1000mg fish oil, multi vitamin package including ginseng, liquid multi-vitamin and SAMe) then make breakfast which consists of cholesterol free egg beaters and potatoes cooked in a tablespoonish of olive oil (I make a point not to overeat so portions are limited). I try to give my food a little bit of time to digest and prepare to go running by drinking a protein shake (Muscle Milk) about a half an hour before I leave for the gym. After the gym I get back and drink a shake along with fruits, usually an apple and an orange. Two hours later I snack, sometimes another shake, sometimes a Clif Bar, sometimes a salad with a vinaigarette dressing. After my second snack I try eating lean protein like a can of tuna with maybe a salad or some cashews or collard greens. Basically whatever's around sometimes. So you know, I don't drink anything but water. What do you think?

One last thing. Eating before sleep. Since I'm not lifting basically at all, I'm assuming that the Muscle Milk before bedtime is probably overkill? I used to drink it before bedtime when I was actually lifting but I've quit. Now I worry when I snack before bed like for example tonight I had some roasted pecans (****ing delicious) which have an extremely high monounsaturated fat content. Does that fat get stored while I'm asleep?

And one last LAST thing. Red meat. Why is it SO bad? I know it's got a higher fat content than other meats like chicken breast and tuna, and it's also harder to digest, I think, but can someone give me any other reasons or clarify my previous points for me?

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Old 03-20-2006, 07:24 AM   #2
Jason Billows
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Hi Aaron.

Your description of your diet leads me to believe that you're on the right track but have some holes. Address those and you'll probably see the pounds drop a little more quickly.

I'd suggest reading up on the Zone and implementing that diet approach into your lifestyle. I'd also think about stopping the 5 mile a day runs and just sticking to the Crossfit workouts. That's the approach I took and in one month I dropped 13 pounds while putting on muscle. Have faith in the program, stick to it and you'll see results.

Cheating on your diet from time to time is inevitable for most of us. There will always be situations where you will slip, but the key is to making those slips less damaging.

For example, if I'm going to go off of my diet at a meal I try to slip with the most favourable foods. At the dinner you mentioned I would have filled up on steak and gotten lots of good protein into me along with veggies before having any garlic bread or cake. Hopefully by the time you're finished the steak you'll be so full that you'll only have one piece of garlic bread or cake rather than loads of it. Also, try to savour the "bad" foods. Eat them slowly and enjoy them and you'll probably find yourself satisfied and eating less.

Good luck.
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