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Old 12-06-2007, 05:35 PM   #21
David Vessey
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Re: Globo-gym issues

Originally Posted by Allan Luomala View Post
David, that's good news. It's funny how they changed the policy while your CoC was working on it, but that's typical. It's likely due to the big fitness push put into place. The old, "safe" ways don't cut it anymore, and people are just going to have to accept the inherent risks that are associated with getting fit. Walking slowly on a treadmill is good for the elderly (or those in rehab), but is just ****ing away your time when you are supposed to be "fit to fight".

Are you going to see about starting up a CF club on base? I don't imagine you would have the time, due to your studies, but perhaps you can convince one of the DS there to do it (assuming they have the time). That would be brilliant if we could have a community of CrossFit clubs across the CF. Plus, I might be following my wife on a posting to Kingston (we are asking for Borden, Kingston or Trenton once my wife's Physicians Assistant course is complete), so that would be good (so I don't have to start up another one if I move there )

Even better news I just found out today: We just got more rubber weights! I heard rumours that we're getting a bunch of 'CrossFit equipment' in the new year, I'm going to go ahead and guess this the first part of that.
Speaking about inefficient fitness.. a buddy of mine and I were doing the workout from today (five rounds of death by SDHP and thruster) and in one of the courts in the field house they were doing a step class, with what looked like a bunch of military people. I honestly just sat there and stared for awhile, trying to figure it out...

As for a CrossFit club, I wish I could put it together, something that the Base and RMC could participate in(RMC is 'part of' the base, but in day to day operations, we're pretty separate - we have our own sets of clubs, we have PSP staff dedicated to RMC, etc). I've ran into a few CrossFitter's from the Base at the gym, but not that many.

When abouts would you be heading to Kingston if you got it? I'll be graduating in May, then off to some OJE for the summer, then should be back to CFSCE in the fall for about 6 months (assuming they don't change our training... again). I'd be willing to put in some time (and memo writing...) with whatever free time I can come up with.

I think I already talked to you about this, but I'm looking at setting up a CrossFit Foundations Workshop over a weekend sometime in the new year, getting some certified people down to Kingston for a weekend, aimed at OCdts and some RMC mil staff. Right now the memo for that is making its way around, but so far everything's looking good. From there I was thinking about trying to organize some weekly WODs for whoever was interested, to allow people to get together, maybe get some critiquing on form and technique.

So in conclusion, things are looking good here... so long as those people up top are putting pressure and we keep working from down here, I think things will keep looking good
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Old 12-06-2007, 05:55 PM   #22
Allan Luomala
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Re: Globo-gym issues


I wouldn't be moving there for a couple of years (summer 09), and only if they could find an open Physicians Assistant position for my wife.

If you need a certified (not certifiable ) dude, give me the dates, and I will see if I could make it down. I'm going up to Petawawa for 3 days in the Jan-Feb time frame to help a guy that I met here in Borden run a "mini-cert" for the soldiers in his Battery, and who was at the Toronto cert with me. I'm going up during my retirement leave, so I'm able to go during the week. I would be willing to make it out to Kingston, but would need a place to stay. I know a WO on his Tech WO's course, so maybe I could stay with him.

Let me know if it happens (on your end) and I will try to make it happen on my end.

"A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion .... fight efficiently, and die gallantly. Specialization is for insects." -- Robert Heinlein
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