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Nutrition Diet, supplements, weightloss, health & longevity

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Old 01-20-2004, 09:00 AM   #1
Patrick Walsh
Member Patrick Walsh is offline
Join Date: Nov 2008
Location: Santa Cruz  CA
Posts: 84
Has anybody heard of this concept? It states
that people with different blood types should
have different diets.

I'm have type O blood and it says I should:
- Eat Meat (High Protein, Low Carbohydrates)
- Cut out Wheat and Most Other Grains
- Engage in Vigorous aerobic Exercise
- Your risk factors for ulcers and inflammatory
diseases such as arthritis if you eat
incorrectly for your type.

I started eating a diet high in protein and low in
carbs about a year ago. I started crossfit a few
months ago. I guess I'm on the right track :-)

Type ER4YT into goggle and you will get a ton of
hits. Here is one semi-usefull page that I found:
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Old 01-20-2004, 01:49 PM   #2
Robert Wolf
Member Robert Wolf is offline
Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: Chico  CA
Posts: 2,669
My favorite assessment of the ERFYT diet was by Dr. Alan Gaby. His comment was: "I am most surprised that this book is shelved in the NON-FICTION section."
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Old 01-20-2004, 02:28 PM   #3
Departed Roy  is offline
Join Date: Jan 1970
Posts: 328
It says for us Type-O's (me included) that we can eat any meat except for pigs, quails, and turtles. Turtle? Has anyone ever tried turtle?

I love ham, I eat quail when I can get it(never) and Im not worried about turtle unless I become a savage and forage some from the pet store.

I wouldnt take diet to those kind of extremities anyway. The best diet of all for anyone would probably be some sort of zone/paleo/ER4YT/hybrid. I would never attempt something like this unless I lived in my kitchen with lottery winnings.

I conclude that no matter how healthy our diet is and how hard we try to maintain it, there is still something wrong or missing. What Im doing is changing diet sorta frequently(maybe every month, or every two weeks) For example, go from warrior, to NHE, to CKD, to warrior again, to zone, to typical american(just kidding), to whatever. I think this is what a lot of us have done anyway!


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Old 01-22-2004, 02:55 PM   #4
Robert Wolf
Member Robert Wolf is offline
Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: Chico  CA
Posts: 2,669
I have to appologize... I have really mixed feelings about this book. It is great in that it brings to light the issue of lectins and food sensitivities but then presents it in a highly un-scientific format. Some good information is to be found here but one must really sift throught he BS.
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Old 01-23-2004, 07:46 AM   #5
Brad Hirakawa
Member Brad Hirakawa is offline
Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: San Diego  CA
Posts: 761
Agreed... most of the book is just silly.
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Old 01-23-2004, 07:56 AM   #6
Steve Shafley
Banned Steve Shafley is offline
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: Saginaw  MI
Posts: 508
It's kind of like this: If you are a type O, you get good results. It tells me as a type A, I should consider golf and badmitton as sports I am uniquely suited for, and that I should be mostly a vegetarian or some such nonsense.
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Old 01-23-2004, 12:21 PM   #7
Kevin Roddy
Member Kevin Roddy is offline
Join Date: May 2003
Location: Harrison TWP  Michigan
Posts: 769
I've read it. I think it's a heaping load of BS.
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