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Starting For newcomers to the CrossFit methodology

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Old 12-20-2005, 07:06 PM   #1
Zach Byrne
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Hi there,
I'm not quite a cross fitter yet, but im glad ive found your site, I'm a black belt in karate, avid kickboxer, and am a member of a hih school crew team, and hope to start learning jui-jitsu and get into mma late rin life. I am very pleased with your philosophy of combining diverse cardio vascular training methods with weights, and body weight excercises. These truly all go hand in hand, which i have experinced in my multiple sport endeavors. I feel that there are too many self help gurus out there trying to say thier program is the best, or only "worthy" program out there. While they may be correct that thier program works, it doesnt give u the same overall fitness that the crossfit philosophy provides. Anyway introductions out of the way let me get onto my question(s). When i do overhead presses and HSPU's (my first try i couldnt even get my head off the ground) and after my sets lift my arms over my head i hear a loud clicking in my shoulder like something snapping into place, should i be worried? Next, unfortunetly, i caught bronchitis (for those of you who dont, know it sucks) the doctors thought i had pnemonia it was so bad, and i havent worked out for about 4 weeks an excruticating long time if your like me. obviously i wont be starting WOD as my first workout back, any sugestions on getting back into fitness without overdoing it? im sure i could do it on my own, but advice based on peoples past experiences would certaintly help. And last thing, when are you gonna open a crossfit in gym in CT?
Thanks for you patienc eon my length post,
-zach, 15
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Old 12-20-2005, 07:29 PM   #2
Eugene R. Allen
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You crew? You stud. Bad English but the flow was nice. Wow, great background for such a young lad. Good for you, you are perfect for CrossFit and vice versa. You are wise in your youth to understand the value of CF based on its variety. The other two pillars are functionality and intensity...but as a rower you are intimately familiar with intensity.

Any pain associated with the clicking or during the movement? If there is pain during or after I would be concerned but if it is limited to the noise it is probably not a big problem. I will leave that to some of our people with bigger brains to answer.

As to getting back into things let me assure you that a gradual re-entry is critical. What you must do is scale your efforts so that you ramp your intensity up in accordance with how your previous effort felt. On your first day back just go through the movements with light weights, low reps, lots of sets and very complete ranges of motion. Work up a sweat but keep Pukie over the horizon chained to a forklift. Some Tabata squats, OHS with a stick, pullups, ring dips and the like and if you have access some light snatches and clean and jerks. Skip a day and then do more exercises and do them just a bit harder. Turn up the intensity knob gently basing your ramp elevation on how sore and tired you are. You are very young Zach and have a lifetime to master this. Take your time and build your motor perfectly.

Read the free CF journal, subscribe if you can, go to the FAQ page and read the notes from the certification seminars and keep posting and reading what goes on here on the board. CF is going to put your conditioning through the roof.
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