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Old 04-19-2010, 08:37 PM   #31
Andrew Breyer
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Re: 2009 & 2010 Crossfit Games steroid testing?

Wow! I had no idea testing was so expensive. But it must be done to keep participants honest.. that's no question. Steroids would completely ruin the games.
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Old 04-21-2010, 10:00 AM   #32
Thomas Green
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Re: 2009 & 2010 Crossfit Games steroid testing?

Originally Posted by Jesse Gray View Post
Last August I was at a cert in San Diego and asked Dave Castro if anyone had failed the Drug test and what was on the banned substance list. I asked him the question during a Q&A session at the end of the cert in front of the whole class and he said... (Disclaimer! I am paraphrasing what Mr. Castro said to the best of my recollection. I do not speak for him or Crossfit in any way and while I believe this information to be accurate, I am human and very capable of making mistakes.)

Essentially, Mr. Castro said that in the 2009 Games they tested for 23 banned substances but he did not say what they were or give a reason for not announcing them. I would guess that it's tough to remember 23 different PEDs off the top of your head. As to failed results, he led me to believe (can't remember if he actually said it or not but I'm pretty sure he did not) that there were some positive results but none of them were in the top 16 competitors and therefore didn't warrant any mention.

As to not releasing a banned substance list, I can see how there are good arguments for and against it. Eventually, if serious testing begins to take place, there needs to be a list. That much is certain but at the moment, given the limited resources and testing ability of the Games staff it may not be a bad idea not to release the list. By not releasing it, an athlete has to assume that at the least, anything found on the WADA list will be banned in CF. This gives the athlete good incentive to steer clear. At the same time, because their testing ability is limited and they will be able to check for a much narrow scope of PEDs, if an athlete makes a mistake and say, takes a cold medicine that is banned in WADA, he or she probably won't get a positive because boarder line drugs most likely won't be tested for. Essentially, when you're handicapped it's a good way to level the playing field.

Unfortunately if you're only tested once a year, it's very easy to stay on the drugs and still beat the tests. Most compounds clear out of your system pretty quickly. Like I said, any idiot can get their hands on these things legally and quickly with 5 minutes of research on google. Wanna add 100lbs to your squat in 3 weeks? Go to GNC and buy a "supplement" called halodrol-50. AND it will be out of your system in 3 weeks, so it's totally undetectable for the games.

I'd also imagine there are plenty of people who DID take the "honest" route and stop taking the drugs when they announced there would be testing. But I'd also imagine a lot of these people used steroids in their prior athletic endeavors. Greg Glassman uses the games as a way to help determine which affiliates programing is most adaptable to a wide variety of situation, but unfortunately this will never be the cause as a lot of the athletes in all likelihood gained their strength prior to starting crossfit, with or without the use of steroids.

The only way to keep the competitors natural is by constant, year-round testing and lie detector tests at the games (used by the INBF natural bodybuilding federation). This will never happen because it is FAR too costly and the lie detector can be beat. Until then, people are going to have to come to grips with the fact that there will be some competitors on illegal substances. I use the crossfit methodology with people I work with all the time, but I don't really care about the xfit games. When I used to cycle a lot, I loved to follow the tour de france, but I stopped watching after I learned that everyone in that sport (and possibly everyone in ALL sports) are dirty cheaters willing to do whatever it takes, legally or illegally, to win.

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Kim Layton
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Re: 2009 & 2010 Crossfit Games steroid testing?

I have been involved in several tests from the other side in high level competition...not as a competitior, but as an escort and an advocate of the athlete. I've participated in testing in the CIS (Canada's version of the NCAA and in the NHL). Both are very strict and both test unannounced during the year...on and off season.

I had volunteered to be part of the process at the games as I have done it several times before and was told they had it all under control but I could be used elsewhere. Fair enough, I had no problem with that and wound up not going at all. I will say this though if there is going to be testing for the competitiors they have the right to receive a list and a copy of the procedures so they know proper conduct and what their rights are.

$$$ aside and regardless of how many substances are being tested, or sample numbers, there are VERY clear and concise rules governing testing procedures to protect the individual and the sample collectors and it doesn't sound like there were many protocols at all. A test can literally be tossed that was juiced to the gills WITHOUT ANY RECORD OF IT TO THE PUBLIC OR WHOMEVER and without any penalty based on improper conduct on the part of the testers.

I wasn't there so I can't speak with surety here but from the accounts I've heard, pretty much all the tests would have been thrown out under International standards and since testing is now on the table to establish legitimacy of the competitors, it more than overdue to establish legitimacy of the tests.
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