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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Kannon Smith
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Post Pain out of front rack

I know there are many other shoulder pain threads and after searching through as many as I could stomach I decided to make my own because I don’t feel that what I’m experiencing is the exact same as anyone else. Or at least it didn’t seem so from the descriptions I read.

The pain in my shoulders is stronger on my right, which I contribute to too many years of baseball, but is in both shoulders. The area that hurts is in the front of my shoulders, my bicep tendon and the areas directly around it. The original pain is a sharp pain that I feel during times of what I can only describe as decompression, especially from my front rack.

For example, when doing cleans my shoulders feel fine during the actual movements, when it hurts is when I drop the bar. There is a sharp shooting pain through the area of my shoulders that I mentioned when I let the weight go.

It is even worse when I try to jerk. The moment of weightlessness that the bar has after my drive, when the weight comes off my shoulders and I extend my arms is when the pain shoots through the front of my shoulders.

I do not get the same pain doing a shoulder press. There will sometimes be pain at full extension in the same area of my shoulder while doing something like a shoulder press after I have been trying to jerk, front squat, etc. I believe this pain is because of working through the pain and possibly injuring myself worse but there isn’t pain in the range of motion where there is during the jerk/push press.

I can fight through the pain with lighter weights, but it becomes too much as the weight gets heavier. I have tried jerking from behind the neck and it didn’t fix the problem, although this was after repeatedly trying from the front rack so this part of my shoulders may have already been aggravated. I will also sometimes have a dull pain in my shoulders after a workout, but that's because I usually work through the sharp pains.

I have a feeling that this problem may have been started because of improper form, has anyone ever experienced pain that is like this? A sharp pain at the moment of decompression? Which is the best way I can describe it.

Thank you in advance and sorry for another shoulder thread.
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