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Exercises Movements, technique & proper execution

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Old 01-21-2016, 08:44 AM   #1
Brendan McNamar
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L Sit training

Quick search didn't yield an answer.

Going to start working on my L sit in an effort to improve ab engagement for everything.

How often can I train? Do I need 1 or 2 rest days after training?

How many holds should I attempt in 1 session? What is good progression?

Nomadic CrossFit Coach
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Old 01-21-2016, 09:07 AM   #2
Patrick A Horsman
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Re: L Sit training

Originally Posted by Brendan McNamar View Post
Quick search didn't yield an answer.

Going to start working on my L sit in an effort to improve ab engagement for everything.

How often can I train? Do I need 1 or 2 rest days after training?

How many holds should I attempt in 1 session? What is good progression?

I'm a big fan of the % drop off method, say 20%

If you can L sit for 20 seconds, with adequete rest you should be able to make 16 seconds on the second go, 12 on the 3rd etc. As soon as performance degrades significantly beyond that % call it for the day. You can max out using this method pretty much every 2 or 3 days. I would continue along this path until you can get 3 in a row over 30 seconds.

Once you build more endurance then you can do intentionally timed exposures (e.g. 3 x 45 seconds or accumulate a total of 4 minutes in an L-Sit). then you can just bump that number up steadily each time. I would only do this once a week when it gets to that point.
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Old 01-21-2016, 10:06 AM   #3
Philipp Lendner
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Re: L Sit training

I Like this method of conditioning for static gymnastics movements:
For L-Sit, I would start with a tucked L-Sit, then go for a full L-Sit once you are able to hold it for 1 min. At the point of being able to hold a full L-sit for a full minute it should not be a problem anymore.
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Old 01-22-2016, 11:16 AM   #4
Victor J McQuaide
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Re: L Sit training

I am the worst at L sit. Use the parellette bars, l sit rope climbs and pull ups.

Tried- 3 rounds- max l sit hold rest 90 seconds.

Have done 10 seconds on and 10 seconds off.

Done EMOM 5 l sit pull ups..

Progress not perfection. I hate them because my body and my mobility it is hard to get into the proper position to hold myself. My hip flexors are weak.

Don't get me started on my Turkish get ups…. I am working on them also.

I believe that 2 or 3 times each week you will make progress. Doing something everyday might lead to other stuff that would not be good.
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Old 01-24-2016, 10:25 AM   #5
Blair Robert Lowe
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Re: L Sit training


If you're a gymnast, every day! Hahah.

Depending on where you are is how I would vary it. And how much time you have.

That being said, I'd probably start every other day so 3x/week.

We can use the old 60s method. If you are really weak or bad at them, maybe cut that back to 30 to 45 seconds. Ideally we don't want to work 20 holds of 3 seconds. I would say no more than 10 holds, at least 3-5. Ideally, use a progression that you can hold for 5 seconds because doing 10-20 sets of these will suck and take awhile. That being said, if you have to use 2-3 second holds or maybe just 1 second, use them. In that case, I would probably start out with 30s of time rather than 45 or 60 (I usually scale these up for level of gymnast and ideally a strong compulsory or optional could bang out 2-3 minutes in one set and move on. No idea what I can now because I've neglected it so much [probably 30-60 seconds at least but haven't tried fresh or in awhile so dunno]).


Super basic I do with kids is L-hang and support. I would hope you could do at least those. What's a solid support? Let's say at least 30 if not 60s on PB, dip stands, 2 boxes at 36" (with knees bent back).

Tuck L, Puck (Knees bent but with legs extended ideally thighs still horizontal), L. I'm not a big fan of the single leg L but non gymnasts love them.

Assistance exercises:

Tuck/Pike leg raises in hang or support.

Sit on floor in pike, place hands by thighs, knees or shins and lift heels off floor. Do them as holds or lifts. I like both. 3x10-20 second holds or lifts. I'm not opposed to more but there is often only X amount of time in a gymnastics class/training session.

You're hip flexors are probably going to hate you. Possibly your abs as well.

Try them on one day, rest the next and see how you feel on the third day. Twice a week is fine as a beginner, possibly adding a third day in 3-4 weeks.

You could probably ask Steven Low on the OvercomingGravity reddit sub as well. I think it's in his book (but the next edition is finalizing). My book is downstairs but I'll look later.

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