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Old 05-18-2014, 05:35 PM   #1
Adam Manery
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CrossFit is not a sport WFS

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Old 05-18-2014, 07:24 PM   #2
Cory House
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Re: CrossFit is not a sport

Originally Posted by Adam Manery View Post
I have read some of his blog in the past and generally like what he has to say. I have some friends that have met him and I went to support some friends at his gym in Colorado at a competition last summer, I have heard he is a really nice guy. It sounds like he has been treated poorly since he has been down there.

The parts that stuck out to me were the no reps on pistols and comparing them to past regionals and paying to compete. It is an interesting comparison to other fitness competitions, either the athletes pay and the audience doesn't or the audience pays and the athletes don't.
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Old 05-18-2014, 07:57 PM   #3
Jason Tebedo
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Re: CrossFit is not a sport

Its unfortunite that he was shorted reps but that is life. Even in pro sports referees make mistakes.
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Old 05-18-2014, 09:07 PM   #4
Blair Robert Lowe
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Re: CrossFit is not a sport

Not only was he judged badly...I mean **** happens but the response from HQ was pretty BS.

I've been at competitions where basically they have had to say the same thing because it's feasibly impossible once you start judging disputes to stop them.

****, it's a pain in the *** to do even in Gymnastics meets.
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Old 05-19-2014, 07:21 PM   #5
Chris Mason
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Re: CrossFit is not a sport

There is bad judging/refereeing in all sports, so that is just a silly position in my opinion.

I don't like the article. It just reeks of sour grapes to me.
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Old 05-20-2014, 03:22 AM   #6
Alex Burden
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Re: CrossFit is not a sport

Its a great shame that this is happening but CF is still having growing pains, but even more for the competitor...

But if you look at the regionals this year there have been extra judges in the background that have been pointing out to the judge for competitors.

I saw it quite a few times where the extra judge has gone in and commented to the competitor judge about something... and watching the video's from the regionals (not Latin America) closer you can see that the competitor was on the brink of no rep or it was a no rep but the judge counted it... but then the judge in the background has gone forward and talked to the judge, thus putting them in their place.

But on the big picture this is not good and HQ should look into this and check the video's to either confirm or reject these claims and then come up with a plan.
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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Old 05-28-2014, 06:18 AM   #7
Boris Wartenberg
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Re: CrossFit is not a sport

In every sports where you are "judged" by a third person it is difficult to make it always the "perfect" way.
I just remember ice skating in Sootchi when the first became second and the girl from Russia won... just because - it is said so - the judges were from Russia...
Tennis in earlier days when they had no video judge, same to ice hockey...

Soccer! Was the ball behind the goal line??? CrossFit is quite young, let it grow... and get more and more professional each day.... in a good way...

Just my 2 cents
CrossFit Koln50
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Old 05-28-2014, 08:38 AM   #8
Joe Novak
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Join Date: Feb 2014
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Re: CrossFit is not a sport

By complaining about the officiating, you are indeed legitimizing it as a sport. B******* about the ref's, ump's, line judges, whatever is as much a part of sports as all of that feel good character building stuff your football coach espoused.
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Old 05-28-2014, 11:47 AM   #9
Jason Danek
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Re: CrossFit is not a sport

Originally Posted by Jason Tebedo View Post
Its unfortunite that he was shorted reps but that is life. Even in pro sports referees make mistakes.
I don't follow the games/ regionals religiously but I do read a bit about them. I have read several stories about bad judging and similar complaints about the volunteers vs paid judges.

Bad calls/refereeing is one thing and everybody works around it, but there is another level of bad refereeing. Replacement NFL officials was a whole different level of bad calls that everyone agreed was not acceptable. When I read this article I think the author is truly concerned with the future of the sport and not just complaining about his single instance of "bad" calls.
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Old 05-28-2014, 01:00 PM   #10
Sean Smith
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Re: CrossFit is not a sport

The author is 100% correct. The ability for an amateur judge to hinder your chance at the next level is absurd. And you can't use video evidence to overrule their bad decisions? Even Major League Baseball uses video replays now. That organization is about the most old fashioned and resistant to change as it comes. The one good thing Castro has said this year is that he isn't giving wild cards - that's a good decision. Imagine the NFL commissioner saying, "I really think the Detroit Lions should make the Playoffs this year," and then putting them in the Playoffs as a wild card. It would be hard to have pro judges on CrossFit because of the number you'd need. You couldn't expect a judge to work 3 days for like 10 hours each and not make mental mistakes.
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