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Old 02-24-2006, 07:13 AM   #1
Peter Queen
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I thought that it would make a good thread if we shared some crazy stories about wacky or strange scenarios that we found ourselves in. OK, here’s one of mine to start things off.

One time, when I was not disguised as a mild mannered software applications tester, I had to respond to a house fire. At one point I and my Search and Rescue team had to repel from a 2nd story bedroom window down to the ground. Mind you this was taken place while there was smoke and it was night. As those of you who are also fire fighters, as well as members of the military and police, sometimes chaos can ensue even among the best trained teams. My S&R team extracted themselves from the floor via the bedroom window and I, because of my size, played the part of the anchor. I had to ensure that the brace, which the rope was tied to, that we had wedged in the floor which was a hooligan bar, did not slip while my team was repelling down. I had nothing but my own strength of arms and legs as I held onto the rope. Needles to say I had the hard job. Keep in mind we were all in full gear and with our air tanks on and on air (wearing our masks). One of our team members, during the chaos, slipped out of the window ***-over-tea kettle falling head first. While trying not too crap in my pants I had to suddenly brace myself really hard do to the sudden jolt to my body. By the time my team member corrected himself in mid fall he then proceeded to fly through the living room window of the first floor. Like an action hero he un-expectantly went through the window feet first, mind you the window was still in place, and glass and pieces of broken window frame went into the house with him. Later after the rest of my S&R team that were already on the ground went in after him we all had a good laugh. I was a little ticked off at first, scared for him then I had a good laugh to after everything was alright. Well that’s one scenario from my crazy life.
Wow, it just goes to show you that life is sometimes better than Hollywood.

Note: For those who don’t know, these are hooligan bars.
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Old 02-24-2006, 11:30 AM   #2
Rene Renteria
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Two old trip reports of what I want CrossFit to prepare me for:

Also, there was a previous thread (I think it was "stupid criminals" or similar) that had some crazy stories.
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Old 02-24-2006, 12:41 PM   #3
Brian Rideout
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Location: blenheim  ontario
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Good story, I'm a volunteer firefighter here in ontario. We had a fire call one night and as things would have it my older bunker gear was out for annual testing and cleaning. I showed up on scene thinking great i get to drive the tanker on water shuttle. Nope the chief gives me one look and tells me to grab someone elses gear. (I'm a yellow hat not paid to think only to do what a white or red hat tells me to do.) I hop into the rescue and the only set of gear left is a captains so i put in on it and walk up to the chief and am told that i'm running the vetilation team.
This house is a two story farm house with so many additions on it you'd think it was ten houses glued together. Up we go, my hall cuts the first hole and as were finishing up low air alarms start going off. I still had 10 - 15 minutes left but the other guys were soon to be out. With the size of the blaze they called in mutual aid from two other halls. Remeber i'm all of a sudden a red hat, my guys look at me like tell us what to do and one smart *** smiles and says "yeah cap whats up!" So not to let them down i send my 3 guys down and tell them to send up 3 more guys while i start shifting the roof ladder and saw to the next roof level. The next guys show up as my alarm starts going off. No big deal so down i go to mother earth. I get down and start running the roof crew from the ladder. They were having problems with getting the next hole cut and soon one of there guys has run out of air. I get his relief guy up on to the roof and tell him to start coming down. How he ever got to the ladder i don't know his mask was so fogged up that he couldn't have seen anything. I told him to clear his mask of the fog and to start down the ladder, he starts coming down the ladder but got lost as he was coming down. I tell him to shift right, because he's about to step in to nothingness. To my utter disbelief he does just that. With out even knowing that i did it i caught him before he hit the ground. He fell from about ten feet up we both landed in nice flower bed. I asked him how he was and he says as calm as you can believe i don't know my left from my right.
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Old 02-24-2006, 11:25 PM   #4
Eugene R. Allen
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During some training in a house destined for destruction our SWAT Team was allowed to do some explosive breaching and flash bang work during a training day. We also inserted gas and blew up door, we had a great old time.

During one of our entries we decided to have the bomb guys blow open a gun port inside so that after we banged the place we could storm the castle, rescue the maiden, kill the dragon and pillage the town.

Do you know what a dust bomb is? All of our antics up to this time raised up a pretty good cloud of dust so when the Jet X for the gun port blew it made a dust bomb that raised the roof off the house that returned crooked, blew out a support post to the corner of a roof extension, blew those of us leaning next to the house 3 feet through the air, turned the sheet rock and siding on the front of the house to small fragments that left only the studs, set the attic on fire and launched a stud and then a wall onto the bomb tech who set the charge. When Sparky stepped out to throw the flash bang through the front window with me as his cover we saw only studs and no wall or window. I think we both said, "Whoaaa". We continued the mission, (didn't know yet about the wall falling on Pat...though I'm not sure we would have stopped anyway) and Sparky threw in the flash bang. After the previous holocost of an explosion the usually very loud flash bang sounded like someone snapping their fingers. We made entry and found the hostage in a closet with the hostage taker and they were both dazed and loopy having been bounced off the walls inside the closet. The bad guy's gun was on the floor and he was in not mood to fight. The hostage was Brian "Rhabdo" Anderson before he got on the team and we knew we wanted him when he said, "Wow, that was cool. Can we do that again?"

We had to get the FD their to put the attic out and the team commander at the time was freaking out on the phone to the CDO (staff puke of the day) because we destroyed the house we were given to train in and CS was getting all the neighbers.

The team guys were having a great time. I wrote a poem about this called the Jet X ride but it's not in this computer. I'll find it and include it soon.
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Old 02-25-2006, 11:46 AM   #5
Eugene R. Allen
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Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: Tacoma  Washington
Posts: 1,715
The Jet X Ride

Training days come and training days go
Some hot, some cold and many wet
But there was one training day that we all know
We won’t very soon forget

On an overcast day in mid-November
We carpooled our collective brawn
To a lovely house we all remember
Just off Veteran’s on Naomi Lawn

The plan this day was to integrate
The efforts of SWAT Team and Bomb Technician
In a house that we would soon incinerate
While we pounded our ears to submission

The entry guys did the Ninja walk
Each man sneaking quiet as a mouse
We arrived and were told no radio talk
Behind the doomed target house

Mother hen Rick shooed us away from the blast
As the bomb techs didn’t want us bored
They taped up a charge to remove some glass
And used 14 yards of det cord

There were two inside that we were after
And once we blew out the glass
We continued with an explosive disaster
The would put Pat McCormick on his ***

One wrap, two wraps, three wraps four
“Anybody know how much to use?”
“Naw. But don’t worry, we have more”
“And it’s just the SWAT Team we will abuse.”

“Just a shooting port, real nice and small”
Was the request of commander Rob Masko
But the bombers decided to remove the whole wall
In a spectacular explosive fiasco

“Fire in the hole” the cry rang out
The signal to go run and hide
Two more times we heard the shout
And then went for the Jet X ride

Kaaaaaaaabooooooom! The explosion turned our brains to mush
And sent several flying thorough the air
In the silence of the post holocaust hush
We saw the exterior wall was no longer there

In addition to the outside wall report
We noticed that after the explosion thundered
That our little tiny shooting port
Was big enough for the V-100

The blast itself was very effective
Only the studs remained on the front wall
Jex X it seems, is non-selective
And we thought the ceiling might fall

Sparky stood in place, flash bang in hand
Looking about with starts and fits
He didn’t really care where the device would land
But the whole place was already blown to bits

He threw it inside, a whisper in the storm
And as the others got up from their sprawled position
We made entry and didn’t notice it was warm
As we continued with our hostage rescue mission

“King’s X, King’s X” did Bigfoot shout
Was this some kind of training day spoof?
Pat McCormick was in a heap having been knocked out
And there was a fire burning through the roof

The medics tended to our fallen friend
As the SWAT Team gathered round
Our training day, for the moment, had come to an end
And a debriefing place had to be found

We returned to the precinct and had our talk
This event had thrown us for a loop
We decided that it’s dangerous to walk our walk
So we just hugged each other as a group

The conquering hoard went back for some more
Though there was nothing left to destroy
We had blown out the walls from ceiling to floor
But there was still gas left to deploy

From 35 yards behind a big tree
Samson our gas man brother
Fired 2 ferrets as quick as can be
And put one nearly touching the other

“No wind today” said Swamp Rat and Rick
“No contamination worry of any sort”
“Yeah right” said Zeus, “We won’t make the neighbors sick”
“And that hole was just a shooting port.”

It was a great training day, we have no complaint
We don’t always set out to destroy
Still it’s clear, that our team should be used with restraint
**** happens when we deploy
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