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Paul Crush
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Re: Martial Arts on top of CrossFit?

Originally Posted by Júlíus Magnússon View Post
Assuming you are going to be training MMA on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and never missing a workout, if it was me I would limit the CF to one metcon per week and focus on Olympic lifts and heavy powerlifts.

So, my schedule would look something like this:

Monday: MMA
Tuesday: Snatch, deadlift, weighted ring dips
Wednesday: MMA
Thursday: Clean and jerk, back squat, weighted pull-ups
Friday: MMA
Saturday: Metcon (something on the shorter/heavier end)
Sunday: Rest

This is just a quick idea of what I would play around with, since doing back-to-back metcons on top of MMA training would probably do you more harm than good. Assuming, of course, that the MMA training is relatively intense. And of course, listen to your body. If it's begging for a day off, give it a day off.
I just started MMA training myself after many years off. So, at this point I am pretty fat and out of shape. I can handle the MMA training and I am doing just about the same schedule as above. I was wondering what kind of rep schemes should i do on these lifting days. I maybe only doing like 2 exercise of the lifting days to start out as i said i am pretty bad shape and would rather concentrate on the MMA training to start but really would like to do a little strength work to get bigger and stronger.

Monday: MMA
Tuesday: Squats, weighted ring dips
Wednesday: MMA
Thursday: Power clean, weighted pull-ups
Friday: MMA
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest

This look OK to start? just not sure what to do for reps 5x3? 5x5? 7x1?

Should i just rotate exercises and reps schemes all the time instead?
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