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Workout of the Day Questions & performance regarding CrossFit's WOD

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Old 02-16-2006, 07:39 AM   #1
David Cynamon
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I've been searching around through the threads for this and I didn't find the answer to this.
Why aren't there any WOD's with repeat sprints or wind sprints or even more sub 400m sprints-like 20 repeat sprints-either at 100% or 3/4 effort.(one of the hardest if not hardest work outs I've ever done was a 20*200m @ 100% effort).

I know there are frequent 400m and 800m in the wods and the mile and 5k and 10k also come up fairly often, but I think there were only 3 or 4 wods with under 400m sprints in the past year.

Just thought there would be more of them becuase the cfj on what is fitness emphasises the benefits of the 800m and under sprinters and I noticed that the 800m runners begin to thin out. I also thought that sprinting increases power and leg strength

(are hurdles too sport specific to make it into wods? I always had a little trouble getting over high hurdles, but I'm on the short side and you can use lower ones-i'd think running and jumping together would be a pretty functional exercise)

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Old 02-16-2006, 09:45 AM   #2
Peter Queen
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David, I have a running background also(800m and cross country). Being 6.5ft it is obvious that I am not a sprinter. However I do appreciate good sprint training and I incorporate them in my runs. Not only does it increase power and leg strength it also helps in burning ab fat. I use sprints as a good core fat burning exercise. Hopefully someone can speak to why the interest in sprints has dropped off, but for now I would say that if it works for you then stick with it as part of your training regardless.
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Old 02-16-2006, 01:33 PM   #3
Norm Rager
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A bit off topic but I just read a recent abstract from the Journal of Sports Medicine and Phy Fitness on the 'Effects of Resistd Sled-pulling Sprint Training on Acceleration and Max Speed Performance' 45, 3, 284-290.

Participants performed 4x20M and 4x50M Max intensity sprints 3x per week, 4 and 8th week were 'recovery' at sub max (85-90%).

Resistance group (RS)pulled a 5kg sled during all sprints - other group (US) ran freely.

Lots of very interesting results in the different phases 0-10M, 10-20M,20-40M, 40-50M times broken down, and kinematics - trunk angle, stride rate and length. Both of these were further broken down into 2 phases: acceleration (0-20M) and max speed (20-40M)

To sum it up -

1.Sled pulling significantly increases accelleration - but not maximum speed.

2.sprint training with no load improves max speed significantly - but not acceleration.

bunch of other interesting stuff too - but then I like this stuff!
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Old 02-17-2006, 04:24 AM   #4
Blair Robert Lowe
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10 years ago ( ! ) when I used to do track and field as well as polevault, I came up with a sprint set of sorts. I used to tool around running the 1m and 2m, but never really trained for them other than the weekend run till I collapse.
The set would go 100, then walk about 100 to the next run of 200 at the 200 mark, then walk/jog 200, 400 ( sometimes 300 if I feeling vicious ), then walk/jog 2-400, maybe 600 but usually 800, then walk/jog a 400 ( takes too long to do an 800 jog ).
Go up and down pyramid style. 3 times is what I used to do.
I've recently got back into it. I wish I had a stopwatch to find out how slow I am now.
First time out, I swore my 200 could feel 28-30 secs. Hopefully it wasn't any over. I'm sure the 400 was over a minute, possibly 1:10 or 1:15. The 800...hahah. I never ran over that mainly because the difference of competing an 800 and 1m are completely different. The 1m was always a breeze while the 400 and 800 were always puke-starters. That and the sacramento spring and 100 at least on the track.

Of course warming up with some high knees, butt kickers, bounding, skipping, slow mo sprints, stairs, one leg jumps.

I think it'll take me a few months before I'm willing to post any times.
I'd say sometin like 13.5/100, 27/200, under 59/400, 2:20/800. Then I'll admit to it.

Hurdles...gah I hate the hurdles. I remember in T&F they made us try'm and looked at the varsity hurdles and laughed. At 5' they were bloody high. Having splits helped but I really wanted to do the JV hurdles. Hurdles and long jump, high jump were never my forte. Long jump was pretty fun, though. Never could figure out the technique for High jump since JH.
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Old 02-17-2006, 07:09 AM   #5
Craig Van De Walker
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The other day my afternoon workout was 10 x 100 yd sprints, on the minute (start first sprint at 6:00pm, second at 6:01, third 6:03 etc). This was part of the days conditioning for the soccer team I help coach. I am usually OK till sprint 7 or 8 then I feel a bit sick. I like the WOD but it is only part of my training. I say add in sprints yourself if you feel like it.
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Old 02-17-2006, 10:14 PM   #6
Ian Holmes
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David here is one of my favorite sprint WODs.

You will need a hill, and you will need to figure out roughly 100m.

So do your warm up yada yada...

Then sprint up the hill (the 100m)
Jog down.
Do 50 pushups.
Do this five times... for time.

If this is to easy try this one.

You will need a partner and a field (preferably with snow, though it isn't a have to thing).

Figure out about 200m.

Fireman carry one person half way/all the way as fast as possible. Then switch.
Do this three times.
Sprint half the field... jog to the end.
Do 20 burpees.
Do this five times.

If you have anything left repeat the whole process once.

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Old 02-20-2006, 09:08 PM   #7
David Cynamon
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Is there any specific benefit that we get from the glycolitic and oxidative runs over the phosphagen runs that we don't see too many sprints under 400 meters in the wod?

thank you for the additional sprinting ideas- I hope to try some of them.
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Old 02-26-2006, 12:27 AM   #8
greg bass
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David I too found I needed more sprints and that inserting more could easily be absorbed by the CF methodologies.

I have tried two sprint based wods with great success recently:

On max effort running days, I have been doing 10 full out sprints in deep sand at the beach (you could do these in a field or up a hill). The length in the deep sand is about 40 yds and go all out for all 10 reps, walking back slowly for rest.

On more sport specific basketball days, after agility, jumping and dribbling drills, I have be doing the following:

5 all out full court sprints, each followed by 5 burpies
5 all out full court backpeddles, each followed by 10 squats
3 all out full court suicides

at this point i collapse for a minute and then run full speed layup drills

i have seen quick results with both programs. Good luck.
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