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Exercises Movements, technique & proper execution

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Bill Getty
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Re: Beyond Tabata

I've experimented with a workout I call "Eight play drive" and do with a group of semipro football players and a few other well conditioned athletes. We do eight tabata sets with a two minute rest in between sets. The last time we did it we used 2 exercises per work station so you actually only did four consecutive 20 second work sessions of the first exercise and then you switched to four 20 second work sessions of the second exercise. I particularly like this interval for the football players as it triples their average work (7 seconds on an average football play) and cuts their average rest between plays from 30 seconds to 10. Now an eight play drive in a game setting is managable...theoretically's our last workout and results. No rhabdo, but these are athletes who have been through the ringer a large number of times over the last six months of offseason training.
Done with partners. 8 stations with a Tabata interval set at each then a 2 minute rest in between stations = 32 minutes work + 14 minutes rest = 46 minutes

Record total reps for per station during rest period.

1. Tire Flip (400# tire) - flip back and forth to each other. Total flips for pair is BOTH people's score.
2. Sledge hits to tire (16# or 8#) + double in/double out on ladder (each square is counts as one)
3. Push Press (45# 0r 30# bar) + Russian Twist MB (6#)
4. Burpees + Chair Dips
5. Military Situps + Up Downs
6. Single Arm KB Swing (35, 25, 20, 15) + Pushup
7. Box Jumps 24" + Tuck sit on parallette (every time feet touch in 20 secs. subtract one Box Jump from your score.
8. Squat Wall Balls 20# + Knees to Standing Rope Pullups

Station: Tire-Sledge-Press-Burpee-UpDown-KBSwing-BoxJump-WallBall
Bill: 61-153-190-63-80-81-41-80-749
Sarah: 6-145-185-30-125-62-30-58-641
Tyler: 40-160-169-82-100-120-75-95-841
Jed: 57-172-226-101-129-117-78-82-962
Jessica: 40-125-198-67-98-105-31-52-716
Blair: 57-167-222-87-117-103-67-72-892
Crafty: 61-120-183-57-70-75-45-80-691

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