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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Old 08-11-2015, 05:49 AM   #1
John C Blattner
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Shoulder stuff

I've had a shoulder issue for some time now. The simplest way to describe it is to say that it hurts when I reach up to take a book off the shelf. Any straight-arm elevation north of horizontal hurts, as does any overhead work (e.g. push press, wall balls, etc). I feel a fair amount of looseness/catching when it moves - noticeably different than the other shoulder.

Several months ago I went to a PT who is also a crossfitter. He ran the whole gamut of push-pull-resist-this-resist-that tests. While being clear that he could not offer a medical diagnosis per se, he thought it seemed like shoulder impingement syndrome and gave me a battery of exercises to do. They seemed to help for a while but since then it's just gotten worse. Recently shoulder pass-throughs with the PCV pipe, which used to help, have become difficult, and even long bicycle rides (with downward pressure on the handlebar) leave the joint throbbing.

As it happens I will be seeing my internist for annual check-up next week, so I will launch the process of getting it properly checked out. I'd be interested in thoughts about what the possibilities are, what I should be making sure we explore. SLAP tear? Rotator cuff?
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Old 08-11-2015, 05:27 PM   #2
Christopher Borg
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Re: Shoulder stuff

I have the same issue right now, but i have feeling i might had hurt while putting the bar back after back squats i having few day off and we take it from there, it could be noting and it could something that need assistance, i had burstuis problem on my hand elbow it put me out for a few months.. and still not 100 percent ... feel numb on the stitches.... hope you get well soon my crossfit friend
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Old 08-12-2015, 08:25 PM   #3
Sean Rockett
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Re: Shoulder stuff

Tendonitis is possibility but usually improves with activity modification after many weeks. The ones you mentioned are possibilities also. A good orthopedic exam should help narrow down the diagnosis. Good luck
Sean Rockett, MD
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Old 10-13-2015, 02:48 PM   #4
Josh Bailey
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Re: Shoulder stuff

Sounds like it could be a few things. You won't know for sure unless you get some imaging, but it might not be necessary. If you can't properly activate your shoulder stabilizers, then you are going to recruit other muscles that will cause overuse and inflammation. I did just write an article about shoulder mobility recently that you might find helpful here.

Not sure if this is you or not, but it may help.

Dr. B
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Old 03-22-2016, 11:08 PM   #5
Michael Hollister
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Re: Shoulder stuff


I see this thread is a little old, but how are your shoulder issues now? I've dealt with very similar issues--mine was a SLAP tear.

Did you ever dislocate your shoulder?

What do you do for daily work? Do you sit a lot or (if you're being honest with yourself) probably spend a lot of time in a slouched position?

The reason I ask is I finally identified poor posture as the source of my shoulder issues. Fixing that made the pain go away. If you think that might be helpful I can point you to some more resources.
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