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Old 01-04-2008, 07:50 PM   #41
Scott Parker
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Re: Gym Jones - What's your beef?

if you are going to bash someone based on whether you like them or not as a person and discount their opinions and accomplishments, than i would describe that as ignorance. this is where ti think here is confusion, especially with this particular topic.

a lof of us here are very passionate about CrossFit and will do what we think is right to defend it. that is great and all, but there is a fine line between trying to defend what you believe in and being ignorant, and a lot of people here have made some great points, others have come across with a little less cooth. if you just sit back and say twight sucks because of what happened with him and crossfit and disount any contribution he has made to the community (CrossFit, climbing, etc), than that's pure ignorance. i was attacking his credibility and character because of the things that happened between him and CrossFit. I would never discount mark as an athlete, pioneer, innovator, and all around bad ***, and like i have mentioned before still think there are great things to gain from analyzing his training and what he does. if i just discounted everything the man does based on my personal opinion of him and ignored everything he does how would that benefit me as an athlete? i am just trying to remain as professional here as possible. it is very easy to talk crap and spout off online. when this happens it makes all of us look bad.

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Old 01-04-2008, 08:06 PM   #42
Jonathan Rich
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Re: Gym Jones - What's your beef?

Originally Posted by David Aguasca View Post
i'm not qualified to make an educated, informed opinion about the relationship between twight and glassman....neither are most people on this board. i feel that if you don't have the WHOLE story, it's better left to those two (and others personally involved) to sort out.

as for the fitness-related info...i've been wondering about all that myself. i'm interested in participating in similar endeavors that twight undertook in his earlier days (mountaineering and climbing for long duration). considering his track record in that field, i respect his opinion on the matter. i believe he has a point about the duration of these events being so far outside the time domain of our workouts that long sessions are mandatory. (obvi, it would be in the form of sport specific training)

what i'm curious about is how other ultra-endurance athletes who crossfit train. for example, rob miller's FFA (first free ascent) of the Free Muir, which took them several days on the day of the FFA, would require a good amount of SPP. if anyone knows how much, i'd love to hear it.

there's also a woman (catra, i think) on the boards who is an ultra-runner. correct me if i'm wrong, but along with CF, i think she also puts in a significant amount of running time in (again, obvi) but it seems like the high-intensity, short-duration work isn't hurting her ultra-running abilities, much like twight felt that it was hurting his endurance.

not sure what my point is. just thinking aloud.

I'm sure you're talking about Catra Corbett, who is an ultra-distance trail runner. She goes on 100+ mile trail runs, and is a really good fast-packer. And yes, she is a CrossFitter at CrossFit One World. Here's her blog if anyone is interested. trailgirl.blogspot
She is definitely a very inspiring person.

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Old 01-04-2008, 10:21 PM   #43
Celio Silva
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Re: Gym Jones - What's your beef?

Originally Posted by Nick Cummings View Post
Let me try something. Celio, you must be drunk because I disagree with what you think. Or perhaps you are passive-aggressive so I will name you celebrity **** of the year. I hope you are enjoying our civil and constructive discussion.
I was up to now.

It's very mature of you to name-call on the internet. So much for "...the high road is nice"...

Your picking lines to support the argument that the CF is trodding "the low road" dosen't do much for you, since the same attitude is seen on a line from the other side of the story: "While some are content with mediocre performance – especially if someone keeps telling them its “elite” ...",...

...So he took the first stab; the community is simply responding, and some are stabing back. Personally, I choose to focus on the positive that has come out of it, like the discussion about different types of training. You, however, whether you realize or not, are dwelling in the same sentiment that you are chastising others for it.
Old 01-04-2008, 10:42 PM   #44
Jake Di Vita
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Re: Gym Jones - What's your beef?

Well...I'm done in this thread.

So much for hoping cooler heads would prevail.
Jake Di Vita, A46718
Old 01-05-2008, 12:03 AM   #45
Gregory L. Johnson
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Re: Gym Jones - What's your beef?

I don't know what the beef is between Crossfit and Mark Twight. All I know is if it weren't for the Gym Jones site I never would have discovered Crossfit. However, I had to dig deep through his articles before finally coming across the Crossfit reference. I love the Gym Jones site but I've learned a lot more from Crossfit than I ever did from Mark.
Old 01-05-2008, 12:54 AM   #46
Scott Parker
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Re: Gym Jones - What's your beef?

i agree with celio. it's way easy to talk **** on a message board. i bet it's pretty safe to say (with myself included) that most of us here aren't near the level of fitness as twight, regardless of what training methods he uses. i have climbed with him and i have witnessed it, and that was before he started doing CrossFit.

and yes, so much for the civility. it doesn't just reflect poorly on the person making the comment, but the community as a whole. but that's what happens when things get popular, like CrossFit.

and like jake, i am done with this thread. i feel like i have already wasted enough time on it already when should have probably been doing pull-ups or squats. maybe others here should take that advice too! i am just curious how some of these people perform. who knows maybe they are bad asses and can back it up, maybe not.

happy posting!
Old 01-05-2008, 01:43 AM   #47
Leon Robotham
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Re: Gym Jones - What's your beef?


Most of what you have quoted has been stated by myself. I like many others admire what he does, infact i'm on the gym jones site quite regular. How do you think I found the post in the first place dude?

After following both his and the CF boards for quite some time I know that a lot of his training is based on the CF methods what I found annoying was the end of year summary which IMO was a dig at CF and coach along with the other points. You have right to your opinion and so do I but I certainly don't think that it's a common beat down.

As far as the thread goes, it's been fine. If you've been offended then it's easy enough to not read what you consider to be BS. Isn't it?
Take a deep breath..... Now do it again!
Old 01-05-2008, 02:33 AM   #48
Jacob Levin
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Re: Gym Jones - What's your beef?

A few points:

I think Nick was trying to use the same comments that other people had been directed against Mark Twight. I thought it was a pretty valid example.

Even if Mark Twight was attacking Crossfit in some veiled way in that post, and I've read it a number of times and still don't think so, he had the decency not to mention it by name. Those of us who don't like him should probably exhibit the same decency. In the same way that we don't bash Pavel on this forum for exorbitant prices, I don't see why we think it's alright to attack a man (and yes, I think even posting this thread was an attack on him) for holding views contrary to our own.

Mark is obviously not a Crossfit affiliate. It is therefore illegal for him to use the Crossfit name. Obviously, in the past, there was some debate over this, and now we can only find mention of Crossfit in numerous references in his schedule and in different articles.

In the end, I think, this thread only really hurts us. Whether we're civil about it or not, we're still not exactly complimenting him, and the guy isn't around to defend himself. We're doing exactly what people are worried he did in the original article.

I've held off from posting a second time to see where this would go - Anthony and Steven had a great digression, and I hope they continue it over other threads, because I found it really fascinating. But really, hasn't everyone said what we need to say already? If anyone feels the need to respond, please do so in a PM, as I won't be posting again here.

Sorry for the long post, guys. Just a lot of thoughts that've been building up.
Old 01-05-2008, 05:10 AM   #49
Anthony Bainbridge
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Re: Gym Jones - What's your beef?

The reason he doesn't mention it by name is because he doesn't have the balls.

For those unfamiliar with the history, you might want to read: (wfs)
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Old 01-05-2008, 08:01 AM   #50
Nick Cummings
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Re: Gym Jones - What's your beef?

Originally Posted by Leon Robotham View Post
As far as the thread goes, it's been fine. If you've been offended then it's easy enough to not read what you consider to be BS. Isn't it?
It is not about being offended. I believe everyone has the right to say what ever they wish including words that are not prudent to post here. You are conducting yourself in the exact same manner that you are criticizing Twight for conducting himself. This is my one and only point, you are personally attacking Twight. Whether this is right or wrong or if we should try to hold ourselves to higher standards is debatable, obviously. The thing that is not debatable is that you are crossing the line from discussing to attacking. See Celio's response when I took your quotes and replaced Twights either stated or inferred name with his. If this is your intention and it pleases you then so be it, but do not try to call it something it is not.

Last edited by Nick Cummings; 01-05-2008 at 08:02 AM.. Reason: I wish I could spell.
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