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Michael Nock
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Mike's Log (going from endurance to strength to badass)

This log is mainly for me, so if you think I am longwinded (which I know I am), kindly just move on since you don't have to read it.

The main reason I am keeping this log is to see first how well I can get to my ideal weight of 155-160 lbs from 142 lbs at nearly 5'9" while keeping the same bodyfat level as now (<10%). Then I'll try to move up Athletic Skill Standards. Right now I'm probably in level 2 in 70% of things and lvl 3 in the rest. I'd like to be in level 4 in as many as possible. I know my numbers are far off from my goal, but I'm at a better starting point than a lot of people are when they begin working out and I like facing down unlikely odds. I think all but one or two of the standards are doable for me.

In fact my stated goal will be to achieve the level 4 standards in everything except the rows. As a former (for a few months) walk on collegiate rower, I don't see them happening at lightweight weight (under 160#) for a person not dedicated strictly to rowing. For those who don't know, a 20min 6k at lightweight will get you into US National Rowing team consideration. This seems rather unbalanced compared to the weightlifting and running standards (which won't even merit recognition in a typical high school level track or power lifting meet, let alone on the national level).

Using the concept2 weight adjustment calculator and a 210lb prototypical heavyweight rower as the basis for adjustment:
I'll need to row 6k in 21:14 and 500m in 1:30 to do the equivalent body-weight work while weighing in at 160#.

For my fitness background (its long, but I want to give details so people can see what I've done and so I remember later):

I have always been a natural endurance runner. When we got time in the mile in 5th grade I ran in the low 7s, To try out for the middle school cross country team I ran a 6:28 with minimal training. I was a skinny relatively fast kid who just like to play sports and run middle distances. I have no idea what my fastest run time was.

I could always do a few pullups and several pushups and maxed out the situp tests given at all public middle schools.

In high school though, I only played fall soccer and my conditioning went down alot from where it was. I couldn't really tell you where it was as I never timed any training runs or miles after the initial one mile tryout.

During my senior year, my weight was usually around 133-135, though it dipped to 127 over the summer. I decided to get in shape in college so I walked on to the crew team.

In two weeks crew got me back into decent endurance shape since I ran a 1.8 mile course in 12:04. Of course I was also hoping that I would be able to pack on some weight and be a powerful looking rower like people always talk about.

I set a 5k PR of 20:14 on the erg.
This was limited in several regards:
  • I had to pull an all nighter the night before to write an essay
  • I was not allowed to go above a stroke rate of 28 (for a guy with low strength/high endurance, that made this alot harder)
  • I was probably overtrained from the hour of rowing on the water + 5k erg or 4 mile run we did as training 5-6 days per week
I am pretty sure I could have hit 19:40s with some rest, sleep, and a SR of 32-34, but thats neither here nor there.

Either way, that time wasn't close to good enough to get me on the water for any intercollegiate races in the spring so I decided to quit the team. The fact of the matter is that at 136 lbs my weight adjusted time wasn't all that bad, but I was a liability in a boat with others who walked around at over 170lbs and cut to 160 for races. They would have much higher power and I would be expected to pull at their speed even though my weight was much less and I would have gone faster in a boat full of 140 lbers.

After quitting the team, I started lifting. I could only dumbell press 25s in each hand, do maybe 6 deadhang pullups (not too good for a rower), and dumbells press 15s in each hand overhead. Within 8 weeks, I got my weight up to almost 145 lbs, and could press 65s in each hand. I could do over 10 deadhangs (maybe 15?). I didn't really exercise legs but I know that I exceeded 300lbs on the leg press when I tried it the one time I did (all that rowing probably helped). All of these gains happened with me working out only once a week and can mostly be attributed to CNS adaptations.

I did begin to suffer minor rotator cuff pain from a previous injury accrued in high school. This limited my effectiveness and training time even more. Then I grew lazy. I probably worked out an average of 2x a month for the next year or more, doing no cardio. Not enough to make much progress on lifts but enough to keep that same level of strength.

I had been doing a body building program with several sets compund and then isolation exercises, always to failure.
This summer, I discovered the primal blueprint, which made sense, and crossfit was referenced on the authors site. I looked around and thought I discovered the ideal program if combined with crossfit endurance. But first I decided I wanted to bulk up. At almost 5'9" and still only 143 lbs I didn't think I'd be able to do the WODs nor would I want to burn calories.

I saw Mark Rippetoe's starting strength referenced and liked the simplicity of the program. But I also knew that 3x a week squatting would be to much and there's no way I can do GOMAD without getting sick.

This summer I decided to get my injury rehabbed as it has been bothering me on and off for too long. It has been an important part of my fitness.

My current workout schedule:

1-2x per week 1-2 hr rotator cuff physical therapy (hard workout but key to my success as the added shoulder stability has made my other lifts progress much faster) This is mostly the RC but also has some pushups, rows, lat pulls and swiss ball core work.

Upper body 1x per week:
Bench Press 5x5
Row and Weighted Pullups, 3x6 for each alternating between the two (6 sets total)
Military Press 3x5
sometimes some weighted ab work or shrugs, but only if I got through the rest of it easily.

Lower 1x per week:
5x5 Squat
5x5 Deadlift
calf raises

My PRs summarized as of today weighing 142lbs:
20:14 5k Row on no sleep and overtrained (probably could be in upper 19s) either way, weight adjusted to 160# thats
6:28 mile run in 7th grade, no timed mile since then (I'm sure I could break 6 mins while I was rowing, probably still get mid 6s now)
Bench press 160# 3Reps
Row 145# 3x6 will work on that, haven't maxed out (not tried to max)
Deadhang Pullup 25#s extra 2x6+4reps (not tried to max)
Military Press 100# 2RM

Just Started these and still seeing how hard I can go before really getting into training:
Squat 145# >5reps (not tried to max)
Deadlift 205 >5reps (not tried to max)

I can do several HSPU though I have deliberately avoided them preferring the Military Press for its fuller ROM.

If you have made it this far, then congratulations. If you have any tips/ideas for me I'll be glad to hear them, though I'm going to stick to a strength emphasized program with maybe 1 rowing session per week until I hit my goal weight, so don't try to convince me to do actual Crossfit type workouts until after I get there. I know people gain weight and strength on Crossfit, but until I get my bench, press, squat, and dead-lift up to par I won't be trying any metcon. Hopefully I'll get up to the upper 150s by the end of 2009 and will be able to start doing WODs in 2010.

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