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Exercises Movements, technique & proper execution

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Old 11-21-2005, 11:13 AM   #1
Graham Tidey
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Alright all,

I've been doing planches and L-Sits etc for a while, but since putting serious time into HSPUs and MU's I'm starting to notice a distinct lack of static strength exercises.

I used to be up to ten+ seconds on the tuck planche (the one after the frog) but I did that as a warm up exercise when I was a student. Now warm ups are a rare thing due to all the work I've got on.

Would a gymnastics strength holds WoD be feasible? If so, tabata'd? FGB'd? How?

Also any programme ideas? Just curious because I know there are quite a few zen gymnastics backflipping around the board.

Cheers and Obrigado,
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Old 11-21-2005, 12:05 PM   #2
Ian Holmes
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While I would in no way put myself down as a zen gymnast who prances around the board *grin*, I have some thoughts on it.
It is simply this. If you have neglected strength specific training than it is likely you will see a decrease in strength. While the WOD is excellent, it does very little in the way of building static strength (specifically). I would suggest practicing your planches, HS, levers every morning and evening for a few minutes. This would give your body a decent amount of time to rest between the WOD and the static training, and still ensure that you are getting training time in.
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Old 11-21-2005, 01:21 PM   #3
Larry Lindenman
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Graham, I work static holds, for 2 minutes, after the WOD. I pick my poison and go. Yesterday were L-sits. Usually, well always, I cant hold it for 2 minutes so I rest a little and reset. Hey, it's "only" 2 minutes!
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Old 11-21-2005, 02:12 PM   #4
Jesse Woody
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I use the static holds as a sort of max effort day in the bodyweight workout I create on . They work nicely as a max-strength "movement" for bodyweight-only conditioning.
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Old 11-21-2005, 02:25 PM   #5
Roger Harrell
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Depending on your goals you need to work in specific conditioning/skill development to maintain/improve things. As you get to higher level skills this is even more critical. In college each of us had specific conditioning in addition to the standard team program to ensure we were maintaining certain high value skills.
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Old 11-22-2005, 03:32 AM   #6
Graham Tidey
Member Graham Tidey is offline
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Lisbon  Alameda
Posts: 393
Yeah I thought so. HSPU's are lovely because each time you tap away from the wall you get a sense that your balance is better than last time. Planche's, however, just hurt and you're sent to your knees like a mewling kitten. But, suck it up, soldier.

By the way, has anyone noticed any improvements in other exercises as a result of practicing these static holds?

Also, jeez Larry, last time I was here your post count wasn't nearly as high! Go Big L!

Cheers all
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Old 11-22-2005, 09:48 AM   #7
Christopher Sommer
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Training static strength will have a very positive benefit on a wide range of limit strength exercises. However, in my experience, the converse is not true; limit strength training will have a limited, if any, effect on static strength.

The following is a very interesting read on one man's limit strength results from training static strength only.

"Hi, I'm an adventure racer who's trying to find simple ways of increasing his strength without having to go to the gym or gaining too much weight (which over a 24-36hr race, can really slow one down). . .

I started with Coach Sommer's bodyweight article alone just over 3 months ago, and can now hold a front lever with one leg bent (BradJ's variation) for about 40 seconds, and a tuck planche for about 30 seconds before my hips drop lower than my shoulders.

I have to say that I've already noticed my arms and shoulders getting more muscular, and my abs and wrists feel much stronger (I do the tuck planche on paralette-like bars).

In terms of carryover benefits, I haven't done any chin-up training in about a year, and could only do 7 four months ago. I tried my max last week, and hit 15. This is without having done *any* chin-up training or even any front lever pullups in that time. Of note is that my max while training weighted chin-ups regularly a couple of years ago was 18.

My dips also increased from 8 to 16, without training them specifically or losing any weight.

My L-sit went from 7 seconds to 30 seconds with no specific training, which I believe comes from the front lever, but also from the tuck planche as it requires one to forcefully contract his abs to tuck the legs up.

This is also the first time I started the Kayak season without having my shoulders burn half-way into my first training session from holding the paddle up (likely due to the planche training).

I'm truly amazed with the results. Although non-adventure racer friends of mine are getting faster results (ie getting bigger) by hitting the weights, none of them spent as little time as me strength training (2 minutes per day total!!!), and I doubt they're hitting their stabilizers like I am.


Yours in Fitness,
Coach Sommer
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