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Starting For newcomers to the CrossFit methodology

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Old 06-28-2006, 01:08 AM   #1
David A. Velez
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Hello everyone, I started doing CF about 3 weeks ago. I've been practicing the movements ( still cant do a kipping pull up to save my life) and trying to get my form for the Olympic lifts better, but I've run into a problem... my conditioning is terrible.

I can usually do the weights prescribed in the WOD, but my limiting factor is I get too winded before I can finish the amount of reps prescribed. I've never been an endurance athlete. I always played football or hockey especially where you exhaust yourself for a 45 seconds then have 2 minutes to catch your breath. Anytime I have to do 21 pullups, thrusters, or 15 squats, run 800 meters, 25 pirouhettes, than do something else, I just feel like I'm going to die. I can run a mile in about 8 minutes, but afterwards a practically pass out. So as you can tell, I hate hate HATE running.

I guess my question is how do I modify the WOD to accomodate my crappy heart and lungs or how to I get them up to par so I can more closely follow the WOD?

BTW, I'm 24, 5'7" 174lbs, about 11% bodyfat and I'm a good sprinter, but endurance kills me
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Old 06-28-2006, 02:31 AM   #2
Chris Kemp
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David, you're in the right place and probably better off than you realise. Coming into CF with a decent strength base is better than coming in with good endurance but being weak.

Your best bet is to break the reps into manageable sets, allowing yourself a quick breather before continuing. Also, dial the pace of your runs etc back a bit. Better to take 10-15% off the top and be able to get straight into the next exercise than sprinting flat out then staring at the bar for two minutes before you can manage a single rep.

Very few people can do everything unbroken, but through experience we become very adept at balancing our exertion and rest to get the most work done in the shortest time.

Stick with it, log your results and progress and just give it a chance to work before trying to change things.

Cheers, kempie
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Old 06-28-2006, 04:50 AM   #3
Larry Lindenman
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Nothing else to say, but welcome!
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Old 06-28-2006, 07:51 AM   #4
Frank DiMeo
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David, I layed of running for almost 4 years due to not wanting to tear my Achilles tendon again.
CrossFit will build your cardio even if you don't run. Just get started and don't quit, you'll do fine.
Your sprinting abiliteis will be a help to you here.
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Old 06-28-2006, 07:54 AM   #5
Tim Dewey
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Hi David. I think Chris and Larry said it all, but I will add this. I can't run anymore. The right hip is pretty well shot, but fortunately, I can squat, as long as there is no real force. I can still do the O lifts (for some reason-as long as I don't jump off the ground with the force of the landing-it's fine. I usually do the muscle verions). I have found that "workarounds" work well, I have one of those old "Rider" things that works well for a rowing machine replacement, and do a lot of BB and DB complees that will get you huffing and puffing instead of the roadwork. Just some ideads to throw around. Also consider "Tabata" as a good form of conditioning. The CF format is great, but for some of us with obvious problems, a little creativity helps.
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Old 06-28-2006, 09:25 AM   #6
Eugene R. Allen
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David - I am your opposite and as Chris points out, you are coming aboard with an advantage over an endurance putz like me. You will find that your endurance will improve fairly quickly but the strength gains I seek tend to be slower in coming.

On Sunday I did an 11 hour and 20 minute race that was 103 miles long but I can't do a 95 pound thruster for Fran. With 75 lbs it still takes me 5 minutes but my limitation is the moving of the heavier weights. You are going to find that your improvement in times with the WOD will correspond to your improved CV and CR conditioning without much "adjustment" to the WOD's since you are strong enough to move the prescribed weights. Do the WOD and rest when you have to and you will find over time, a fairly short time, that you need less and less breaks during the workout until before you know it you'll be blasting straight through.

Give this a shot. It's called Gene's Cloak of Despair and is mentioned in the WOD section of the message board already. It is a modification of Michael Latch's Jacket O' Pain which is a row/push press couplet. Row 1000 meters and do 50 push presses with 75 lbs followed by 25 pullups and 25 ring pushups. Then run 800 and do the same 50/25/25. For #3 row 500 50/25/25 and for #4 run 400 and do the same exercises and reps again. Takes me 40 minutes and some madman did it in 29. If the running doesn't actually injure you. Run. Your dislike of it is not quite reason enough to eliminate it from the menu. If it actually hurts you, as in injures you, just row each time. But be warned, the extra rows will really play havoc with your pullups.

Oh, if you don't have one and you want endurance development and you don't like to must get your hands on a Concept 2 rowing machine. Keep an eye out on Craig's list if you don't want to spend the almost $900 for a new one. I have a C model now and will be getting a D model soon to add to my equipment selection...then we can have rowing races. That'll hurt.
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Old 06-29-2006, 12:32 PM   #7
Rafael Mattei
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Just do the WODs and try to "rest" inbetween reps as little as posibble, i try to get 2 min or less
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Old 06-29-2006, 05:38 PM   #8
Kevin Burns
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I felt the same way when I started and you are probably way stronger than I am. What i started doing was doing the exact set of reps each time rather than trying to get more rounds. For example Fran I do 75Lbs with 15,10,5 pullups. I had to drop the weight and pullups reps down. Now i still do the same weight and reps but I no longer need to rest 2-3 minutes between rounds. For me what I found was that I had to keep something constant to I chose to keep the weight/reps constant and reduce the rest. Once I crank up the weight/reps I start working on lowering the rest intervals.

As the rest gets shorter I know my cardio is getting better.

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