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Exercises Movements, technique & proper execution

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Old 04-11-2008, 11:37 AM   #31
Michael Holmes
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Re: Box Squats

when i front squat i feel it more in my quads anyway, so i guess yeah it is quad dominant - i just threw them in as a superset with high box jumps to build some more leg power and knee drive for taking contact during the rugby season
5'10" 89kg Fran=4.44, CFT=425kg, Angie=18.20, Cindy=20 rds, 20 rep squat=110kg, Murph=36.20 Old Log / New Log
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Andrew H. Meador
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Re: Box Squats

Permit me for not drinking the flavor-aid... but there is a place for other exercise besides the WOD. Just as CF recommends things that you'll never do as part of the WOD (such as parallette presses to handstand), there are non-CF exercises that you'll benefit from if you do them properly. I've found straight-legged good mornings, box squats, and rings/parallette practice to be especially useful. GMs and box squats are highly leveraged, like the planche and front lever of barbell exercises. And another thing: to me, sprinting seems the most "functional" of all exercises, and therefore we should see it more frequently in the WOD. Just a thought...
I pay no attention whatever to anybody's praise or blame. I simply follow my own feelings. -W. Mozart

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Old 04-13-2008, 08:32 PM   #33
Terry Gibbs
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Re: Box Squats

I'm a browser but thought I would add the following :-

"Bench Squat
We nicknamed this the "high Box Squat" and it's done with a bench 20" off the ground. ....Get the backs of the knees tightup against the backs of the bench with feet in front of it, not off to the sides. from this stance you can learn the true secret of increasing bench squat poundages which is a certain rocking-forward motion at the the instant of starting up.....for an instant relax after landing, then rock forward and using this momentum drive erect.."

comes from one of Joe Weiders (I'm no fan of Jolly Joe) Muscle Builders, April 1972, the article was "conditioned Legs break record squats" and is by George Frenn as told to Joe Weider.

The location was "Westside Barbell Club" - Culver City Califiornia, and covers high box, low box (14"), Goood Mornings, Front Squat and some genuine bbing on Leg Ext & Leg Curls. ) not sure if that was to keep the bbers happy.

The original Westside included George, Pat Casey (first 800lb squat 600lb bench), Hal Connely (1956 Hammer Gold), sometimes George Woods silver 68 & 72 Shot, plus lots of other record holders including Peanuts West. (there is a photo of Peanuts in Iron Man sitting back on bench squats to the point where his feet are coming off the ground.)

George was one of two powerlifters (the other - 1969 AAU champ discus thrower Jon Cole) who gave PLing genuine respect in the lifting world back in 1970.

George squatted 853 at 242 with bar on traps, (not down below shoulders) with track shorts and singlet, and crepe benadages round knees in 1970. Check winning worlds results in the following ten years to see how good this was. Also squatted 700 with a leg cast and benched 400 with a body cast, so when someone tells you they can't train because they have a cold .....

Record lasted until early 80's many years after gear had become common.
Threw Hammer in 1972 OGs, beat 1972 OG gold medalist Dr Anatolie Bondarchuck a highly regarded coach (first guy to debunck linear periodisation -back in 1973) in heavy weight throw in 1973 & 1974 USA v USSR team matches and set a 56lb weight record that stood for over 20 years.

Loiue has great ideas on box squats and his method used as he describes can build your glute rotational muscles the Glute minimus (???), and has a substantial application for general sport. He also has an incredible track record, but is maybe the most misquoted guy in strength sports.
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