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Workout of the Day Questions & performance regarding CrossFit's WOD

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Old 07-27-2004, 05:43 AM   #1
Bobby Nauss
Member Bobby Nauss is offline
Join Date: May 2003
Location: Jacksonville  FL
Posts: 169
Hey guys,
I was wondering what everyone's day to day schedule is like. What time you wake up, train, head to work, eat, etc.

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Old 07-27-2004, 09:29 AM   #2
James Taft
Departed James Taft is offline
Join Date: Jan 1970
Posts: 119
Bobby. I wake up every morning around 5:50 to 6:00 am. Drink some water and do some light stretching warm-up exercises to wake my body up. I usually start the WOD by 6:45am. Complete the WOD by 7:10 (depends on the WOD). Shower and hit the road by 8:25am. Work starts at 9:00am. Get off work about 5:00pm and go to BJJ at 7:45pm Tues/Wed/Thurs & Sat at 10:30am. I pack all my lunches for the day the night before (bring cooler to work) and usually make my breakfast after the WOD every day. Of course things come up being in the military and I can't always keep this routine but this is the ideal. I operate like this at around 90% of the time.
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Old 07-27-2004, 09:41 AM   #3
Jeremy Jones
Affiliate Jeremy Jones is offline
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Concord  Ca
Posts: 1,218
I do the WOD when ever I have time. Sometimes this is in the morning, most of the time this is in the evening.

7am get up eat got to work
5pm get off job #1 go to teaching M.A. job
5:30pm warm up and start teaching
9pm stop teaching start work outs
11:30pm go home
12:30pm go to sleep.

This is my schedule about 80% of the time.
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Old 07-27-2004, 10:06 AM   #4
Beth Moscov
Member Beth Moscov is offline
Join Date: May 2007
Location: Boulder Creek  CA
Posts: 1,269
I work from home so it is easier to put the WOD in:

8:00 wake up and eat then start work
around 10 or so I work out then have some lunch
in the afternoon I take my son to martial arts and I use the spare mats for handstand and other gymnastics practice
Three to four nights per week I have my own classes (Jui Sool Do and Brazilian Jui Jitsu) or open mat.
Bedtime is when I am tired - between 10 and midnight. I notice that when I have worked out extremely hard I like to go to sleep earlier.
On weekends I add in hiking, archery, escrima, and other fun things.

This is very rough as my schedule tends to be pretty flexible.
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Old 07-27-2004, 11:13 AM   #5
Brad Hirakawa
Member Brad Hirakawa is offline
Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: San Diego  CA
Posts: 761
7:00 wake up
7:30 track down and shoot owner of dog that shat on my lawn, tactical light on Glock proves to worth the price
8:00 feed my new dog
8:30 work
5:30 Crossfit
8:00 jiu jitsu
10:00 read and fall asleep
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Old 07-27-2004, 04:48 PM   #6
Lynne Pitts
Administrator Lynne Pitts is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2003
Location: Richmond  NH
Posts: 3,232
0330 Get up, check email, stretching routine
0500 Leave for work
0630 Arrive at work, eat breakfast
1200 eat
2-4x week: 1430: Unit PT (30 min runs, calisthenics, mini crossfits)
1530~1730 Depart work
1700~1900 Get home
1900~2030 Work out, eat sometime thereafter.
2100~2230 Crash.
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Old 07-27-2004, 06:08 PM   #7
David Wood
Departed David Wood is offline
Join Date: Oct 2002
Posts: 3,303
Jeez, Lynne, that's about 5 hours sleep / night!

My own schedule (most days):

- Wake about 5:30 - 5:45
- Coffee, walk dog, breakfast about 6:30
- Drive daughter to school (about 7:30), drive to gym
- Do the WOD (warmup, workout, supplemental work, shower) between 8 and 9 a.m. most days . . . if I don't get it in then, it doesn't get done.
- Get to work about 9:15 (gym is close to work)
- Work until about 7, 8, or 9 p.m. (somewhat variable)
- Drive home, snack, walk the dog again (about 9:30 p.m.)
- Bed between 10:30 and 11:30

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Old 07-28-2004, 01:03 AM   #8
Lynne Pitts
Administrator Lynne Pitts is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2003
Location: Richmond  NH
Posts: 3,232
Hey Dave,
Great to have you back! Yep, 5 hrs on a good night...I'd really be happy with 6 or 7 but that just doesn't happen. I've been "enjoying" this schedule since Sept 01 and no signs of it changing for the next few years. ;^(
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Old 07-28-2004, 10:29 AM   #9
Ryan Atkins
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Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: Racine  WI
Posts: 925
For many, Crossfit has illustrated how varying workout routine and stimuli can have profound effects on physical fitness levels. Is there any evidence that indicates benefits can be derived from, consistently or on occasion, changing the TIME OF DAY that somebody works out?


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Old 07-28-2004, 10:58 AM   #10
Ed Velasco
Member Ed Velasco is offline
Join Date: Sep 2003
Location: Orange Park   Florida
Posts: 15
Ryan , my sched ule varies but fairly predictably. I awaken at 4:25 and either exercise at home or go to the gym on average 3 days per week. I catch the other sessions either in the pm, occasionally at lunch or during the day if it is a weekend or on my day off during the week. I need more sleep than Ms. Pitts so I try to alternate the 4:25 with the more decent hour of 6 am. I eat breakfast and leave the house at either 6:45 or & depending on the kids school schedule. I generally work from 7:30 to 6 pm.I snack at 10 am try to eat lunch about 1pm and snack again about 4pm. Dinner varies depending on the kids sport schedules etc. Try to get about 7 hours of sleep, an occasional nap etc..I feel that I definitely can do a little better on the " metabolic killer " workouts when I have been up and about for a few hours, I dont know if this is due to sleep factors or just the fact that I'm working on my second half century.
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