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Old 02-15-2006, 06:00 AM   #11
Chris MacFarlane
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Location: Scarborough  Ontario
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Don, Garrett, Giovanni You have all mentioned and experienced the same thing I have seen in 10 years of the gym industry.

Trainers who give everybody the same work outs and don't challenge their clients. Who think that because they have taken a PT course they don't have to keep learning.

Man, I've been an athlete for almost 24 years. Back when there where no courses you just did it. I had to learn by researching then and I'm still doing it now.

Last summer I got invited to help out with a VBall camp, show some simple weight bearing exercises to do on the road. These where supposed to be elite athletes yet didn't train like it. One who was in the fall start a Kinesiology course took it upon herself to question the methods.

Well, after pointing out for the 3rd time why these work, she tried to rock the boat again. I simply asked her if she was a coach or a trainer to which she said no. You can figure out what happened next.

Stuff like this is why I quite being involved for a year with sports and training others. I got fed up being questioned and belittled by those who have next to no athletic experience and little education other than a 3 day PT course.

If it wasn't for getting some info about Crossfit I would probably not bother doing any of this for more than a year. It's good to be involved with others who are not Shhep when it comes to training. Athletes who are willing to learn and research it themselves.

One thing that often keeps me from smacking personal trainers I see over the head with a 45lb plate is something a friend reminded me of.

In 24 years of dport and training I have forgotten more than they will ever know.
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Old 02-15-2006, 07:11 AM   #12
Douglas Chapman
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Okay, here is the latest. It happened this morning. One of the "trainers" who is certified in nothing, was trying to teach a client a kipping pull up. I walked past after my class, he looked down like a kid that got caught in the cookie jar. The funny thing is he can't do ANY kind of pull up.

They gym I train in, is building a "group personal training" studio. i.e. CrossFit Light.

It is great they are feeding my business. The only problem is "a copy of a copy" isn't the same. (How has seen Multiplicity)

Pizza Steve!
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Old 02-15-2006, 07:55 AM   #13
Chris MacFarlane
Member Chris MacFarlane is offline
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Scarborough  Ontario
Posts: 278
The Most Dangerous Things in a Gym

1. A Kinesiology student saying " I learned this
in school..."

2. A personal trainer saying " Trust me..."

3. Low paid gym staff saying " based upon my

4. Gym manager saying " I was just thinking..."

5. A Crossfitter chuckling " Watch this $#!+..."
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