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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Old 12-23-2007, 08:41 AM   #1
Jason Billows
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Back issue help please

Hi All.

I used to be a regular CFer and poster here on the boards, but I have been away for a while. I decided to pusue Triathlon and have been dedicating most of my time to endurance training. While I have still been doing some CF style workouts, they have not been as frequent as I would have liked.

I have always had back issues of one sort or another. A few years ago I had a severely herniated disk in my lower back which forced me to be relatively inactive for an extended period. I managed to rehabilitate and avoid surgery, but the extended period of inactivity left my core quite weak. Since then I have worked to strengthen it, but always seem to have recurring low back strain issues.

Over the past while I have had some issues with my piriformis mucle in one of my butt cheeks being rock solid and very difficult to stretch. I went for numerous intense ART sessions and it finally released itself. Over the past couple of weeks I have been able to get back on track with my training which consisted primarily of running, biking and swimming with some core and strength work thrown in.

Yesterday morning I hopped on my bike trainer to do a relatively easy 1 hour session. In the last 5 minutes my lower back/*** started to feel tight. I thought I'd just give it a good stretch post workout and all would be fine. Wrong. Within the two hours following my session my back became increasingly sore. It was as if I had strained all of the muscles in that area and no amount of stretching or massage (thanks to my wife) seemed to help.

I have experience this before in the past and I know it will subside. My concern is what I should be donig from here on out. I realize now that I need to keep doing more CF style workouts in addition to my triathlon training with a focus on strengthening my back and core, especially my posterior chain.

The question is how? I don't want to reinjur it while trying to strengthen it so I'll be going slowly. I plan to start off with things like the superman series and deadlifts using PVC until I can start adding some weight. I also have a C2 and expect that will be a good way to help strengthen my back without too much weight, but I know I'll have to be careful at first.

Are there any low weight bearing exercises you can recommend for me?

The odd thing about this that over the past couple of weeks I had been doing plenty of training with no problems. My back was feeling strong and flexible. There was no sign of this coming at all.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this longwinded post. I appreciate whatever advice you can provide.
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Old 12-23-2007, 11:14 AM   #2
Jay Cohen
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Re: Back issue help please

Originally Posted by Jason Billows View Post
Hi All.

I used to be a regular CFer and poster here on the boards, but I have been away for a while. I decided to pusue Triathlon and have been dedicating most of my time to endurance training.
Jason, best of luck, as you're going to need it. Tri training and Endurance work in general opens up a serious can of worms when it comes to overuse issues, read that as injuries. Those three discilpines have you constant traveling in a straight line, add the pounding (unless your running Pose) of the running, good luck, and you have a disk issue, yikes.

Suggest some serious massage, watch the rower, it can aggravate a back issue, work squats, OHS, Deadlifts, all done with excellent form, AND search for Eugene Allen on these boards, he is our resident Tri-Adventure Race-Ultra person.

Good luck.
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