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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Old 09-07-2007, 07:58 AM   #1
John Turek
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Torn ACL

Hello everyone. I am new to crossfit but not new to trying to keep in shape as required by me being a police officer. I recently found out that I had a torn acl in my left knee after fracturing the inner condoyle while making an arrest in May of this year(2007). That still hurts a little still but the doc says it should heal itself. As for the acl the doc said it was surrounded by some scar tissue so it was not a result of my bad guy resisting. The fact is I remember when I did, which was about January of this year(2007). I was round house kicking while sparring and my shoes gave too much traction on the mat. When I swung my hips to low kick my knee stayed straight and POP! I went down like a ton of bricks. After about 5 minues I felt ok enough to continue with only a little stiffness in the knee. I shrugged it off and never though about it until I would do something to aggravate it at which point I just figured it would heal eventually. Now that I know what actually happened I am very laid back in what I do. The doc told me that my knee seems stable and he sees no need for surgery, not that I actually want it but I dont want to make things worse by overusing it. I have since scaled way back on my exercise routine and have now begun to pick up some extra weight. I have lost my motivation to work out due to the injury and fear of messing up my knee further. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping to get into crossfit for its simplicity and its many variations of workouts to keep me interested. Thank you all in advance.
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Old 09-07-2007, 08:58 AM   #2
Bill Pontius
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Re: Torn ACL

I'd get a second opinion from a knee specialist who has sports experience and understands the level of activity you want/need to perform at.
I had a torn ACL that actually allowed me to continue competing in the hurdles until I slammed one, came down off balance, and tore the meniscus. The reduced stability of the knee was going to cause repeated damage, in my case,to the meniscus. Having had them surgically repaired in 2004, I didn't want to keep repeating it and eventually run out of meniscus to be scraped down. So I went for what one friend of mine calls the blue plate special of ACL replacement and meniscus repair last September. Knee still gets sore (364 days later) from squats, cleans, etc., bit I can do 'em again.
Because your doc says you still have good knee stability, your situation may be different than mine. But I'd definitely want additional professional input.
Bill Pontius
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Old 09-07-2007, 10:21 AM   #3
robin finlayson
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Re: Torn ACL

Hey John
I am an ex-pro slalom skier who use to live in central Florida. I am not a knee specialist by any means however, I have undergone 5 scopes and 2 reconstructions for ACL (bone patella bone graph). My Specialist told me I could likely function very well without the ACL however, without repairing it I would run the risk of diminished stability and possibly causing further injury to the surrounding areas. I opted for the reconstruction given I planned to lead an active life.

What he told me was either way I should do a lot of strength training to assist in stabilizing the knees. He also instructed me to do full range movements. Either way I would go to an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in sport medicine. There are a number of great specialists in the central Florida area (I see from you profile you are in FL.)
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Old 09-14-2007, 10:26 PM   #4
Rich Stackon
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Re: Torn ACL

John, with you being a police officer and possibly having the occasion to again wrestle with bad guys or engage in a foot pursuit, I think you need to seriously consider having your ACL repaired. In addition, as you age, you will be more prone to osteoarthritis, and may end up needing a full knee replacement when you get older- which is a much harder recovery proposition than fixing it now, while you are young and still active. Get it fixed. I had the surgery about 4 years ago now, and my knee feels great, and stronger than ever.
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Old 09-15-2007, 02:11 AM   #5
Jay Cohen
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Re: Torn ACL

Check out Dr. Fred Fu of UPMC in Pittsburgh PA. My understanding is that besides being a World famous and respected ACL surgeon, he is also doing revolutionary ACL re constructive work.

Here is a W/F/S article.

Good luck in what ever decision you make and take the rehab slowly.

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Old 09-15-2007, 09:51 AM   #6
Corey Duvall
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Re: Torn ACL

I had an ACL reconstruction 9 years ago (15 years old) and had an extremely active highschool and college athletic career (basketball and rugby) without major problems. However, not until Crossfit did I focus my strength training so much on my low back and legs. Until then I think I was a bit nervous to do any damage, no squats below "parallel" and all the other typical BS. I utilized leg extensions and leg flexions on nautilus machines, to very little success. Since Crossfitting I have had ZERO painful flare-ups, a complete range of motion, and the most muscle bulk in my legs ever. The best thing for your knees will be to stay active and fit... if you need an ACL reconstruction for that then do it. If you get by without it, that's fine too; most importantly stay active.

Good luck
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